That dollar in hand…use it!

Abundant food is in the fallow (uncultivated) land of the poor |Prov. 13:23|. Perhaps a better way to put it is as said in the GNT version, unused fields could yield plenty of food for the poor. Have you ever thought to yourself I am not enough, I do not have what it takes to do this or I do not have what I need to do that? If so, you are in ‘good’ company because I know I have. In fact I formed a pretty bad habit of indulging in lavish pity parties. Sometimes, pending what was going on in my world, it would be bi-weekly and if I had a really terrible week, it was a week long pity-fest.

Have you ever heard the saying a dollar in hand is better than none? Well, unfortunately at the time I heard it, I didn’t quite understand it, and so it’s meaning got lost in translation. Now I understand it to mean a dollar used wisely has the potential to multiply. It is matter of vision, wise counsel, strategy, diligence and patience. However, just as weed grows with chaff, the perils of a poverty mindset is that as far as the eyes can see is limited to the four walls of the shack (physical/mental) that they are in. The shack is their reality, and the dim lights on the inside casts a menacing shadow on whatever mustard seed of hope or potential they may have. They focus on the shadow not realizing the influence of the sun in casting that shadow and as a result, they chase the shadow at the expense of the real thing. 

A lot of the things I left unaccomplished was because I neglected what I had in hand focused on what I did not have, and at various points I misused what I did have because I was ignorant of its value. I also made the mistake of feeding into the never ending black hole of comparison, forgetting that God has apportioned each person talents according to their abilities |Vs. 15|. I over indulged in today armoured with a reservoir full of unshed tears and self deprecating words prepped for my pre-planned pity-bash as I laid in my bed of regrets. Akin to the third servant in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-25), I buried what I had because I was afraid of what I might loose. Instead I chose the path of passivity with a heavy handed dash of laziness. It was safer. But much to my chagrin, God does not bless idle hands, and He will not multiply what is hidden.

What is it that you desire that seems unattainable? What do you have in hand now that could be invested towards that goal? The conditions do not have to be perfect and in all honesty, it never is. Before you make a move, sow seeds of preparation, pray, research, save a dime, invest a dollar, seek a mentor, chew on wise words (podcasts, books, conferences), practice, endure the spinning wheel of failure, and then GET UP and keep going. In the famous words of Nike, just do it! Rome was not built in a day, and FUBU started with a $40.00 budget. But beyond the potential income, is the delightful lush bosom of fulfillment as you hear the words…well done my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you much more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together! |Matthew 25:21 & 23|.

oh! feel free to interchange ‘dollar’ with talent, gift…:)

Happy monYAY!


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