practice g.r.a.t.i.t.u.d.e

THanksgiving is a habitLately, I have had this pressing desire to simply give thanks. It was difficult at first because I honestly struggled to find things to be thankful for. It felt like hard work, almost like I was trying to drill a plastic nail into concrete. To make matters worse, my attempts felt insincere, and I couldn’t get myself out of that space. 

Many years ago, I was singing the blues, nursing my wounds and a broken heart from a series of wrong turns with the male specie. In my funk, I found Terri Savelle Foy, and I was immediately drawn to her teachings on Breaking Soul Ties. She spoke words in season, words that I needed to hear in that moment, and words that have stayed with me. I definitely believe that God had a hand in me finding her then, as I know He did now.

This past month, a dear friend reintroduced me to Terri, and I came upon a teaching of hers titled, One thing that is delaying your dreams. This teaching was all about giving thanks, and she gave this brilliant idea of keeping a gratitude journal. It is by no means a novel idea, but something clicked for me when she talked about it, and I was immediately on board. I started on July 9th, and guys my mind has been blown! It’s just so crazy to me how God works, and when I think about how amazing He is, the million words that come to mind, still seem inadequate.

Once I surrendered to the process, and opened myself up, things I would never have thought about started pouring in, and I found that I actually do have LOADS to be thankful for. On the 9th, I got a call from a sweet friend of mine, and after our call I thanked God for her burst of energy because she literally brightened up my whole day. On the 10th, I thanked God for the strength to work out, because I knew I was going to have Chik-fil-A for dinner and I needed to burn some calories to make room. I also thanked Him for Chik-fil-A, it’s founder, all the employees, and the chik-fil-a sauce, because why not, it’s DABOMB.COM. Oh! and I definitely thanked Him for the hobs who was willing to endure the stand still at the Chik-fil-A line just so my belly could sing songs of joy. On the 11th, I thanked God for the boys that were rescued from the cave in Thailand. No one can tell me that wasn’t a miracle. On the 12th, I was especially thankful for relief from period cramps. The pain and discomfort had me speaking in tongues y’all. On the 13th, I thanked Him for what I have in hand, even though it seemed like it was barely enough. On the 14th, I thanked Him for my nails, ‘cuz it’s been a long road of brittleness, and they have been flourishing of late. I also thanked Him for the fun times I had with a cool bunch of girlies at a vision board party. On the 15th, I thanked Him for the sermon I heard at church, who has your heart. It was rock solid confirmation for me. I also thanked Him for the 40% off sale at a local grocery store. I got organic honey roasted almonds for peanuts! Guys these are just a couple things from my entries, and let me tell you, my entries (for each day) have been quite extensive. 

I love God mehn! He just always reveals himself to me in the most simple ways, reminding me that it’s really not always about the floss of crazy big testimonies…even though those will certainly come. In a few short days I have experienced overwhelming peace. God is with me, even when it feels like He is quiet. Like, He is with me. Here, now and always. I can’t explain it guys, but I am full, and not from food, although thank you Lord for the food in the South! A true foodies’ happy place.

Yup! God definitely inhabits the praises of His children. Thanksgiving magnifies Him, and blurs the problems/issues that seem so big. There is a shift that happens in the space of thanksgiving, there is expansion. Not in currency, but in grace. Grace for a new perspective. Grace to endure. Grace to lift up holy hands even though you do not feel like it. Grace to celebrate the victories of another even when it feels like you are not moving. Grace to guard your heart. Grace to speak words of life. Grace to hold on to your peace. Grace to worship. Grace. I see the glass as half full, not half empty. I see the possibilities. I see hope. I see abundance. Just imagine that!

If you have never done this, do it. I promise that you will experience a shift in your mindset, heart posture and overall attitude and vibe.

God is good. All the time He is.

Happy MonYAY 🤗



  1. Michele!! I finally settled down to read your blog! I’ve been trying to catch up with life in general and a struggle it is. But I’m thankful that i could read this especially on a night like this where I was down in the dumps and it certainly rubbed off wrong on the kids and the husband. I’m glad to be refreshed by this reminder. Count my blessings, and give thanks to God!

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  2. This is beautiful M. I am inspired to start my gratitude journal. Because it doesn’t have to be the big things to be thankful for but even the littlest of things. I can relate to the fact that it’s really hard sometimes and you feel like there’s nothing to be grateful for but there is. God is awesome !!! Thank you for the reminder. I thank God even when I cook and it comes out tasting yummy…🤣🤣🤣. Thanks Mich 😘


  3. It’s easy to say “in all things give thanks,” but you have really shown me what that looks like. In each moment, when life is busy, there is nothing too small to be thankful for. What a lovely reminder. Thank you for sharing.


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