For anyone that feels like they do not have what it takes to build from rubbles, God is saying to you what he passionately said to the Jews while their city was in shambles. “Now I will rescue you and make you both a symbol and a source of blessing. So don’t be afraid. Be strong, and get on with rebuilding the temple” |Zechariah 8:13|.

His promise comes with an instruction. A command. Do not lay your bed in the ruins of what life has dealt you, or in the consequences of previous mistakes. Do not be like them that say I remember my hay days, with shrunken shoulders, a reflection of their state of mind. Do not convince yourself that your best days are long gone.

The beauty of grace is redemption, and x 70 if necessary. The one who is himself grace has better plans for you and he says, your latter years will be greater than your former |Haggai 2:9|.

So square up your shoulders, stand tall, dream, believe and PUSH.

As surely as the sun rises in the morning, and the moon clothes the skies at night, you will rise again.

Happy monYAY 💋


image: @ pinterest


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