that religious mumbo jumbo

I am an advocate for God, not religion.

God is life. Religion not.

God did not send his son to die for a set of manmade traditions, rules and regulations.

He sent Him for your heart.


A literal display of ride or die and THRIVE.


He went a Mike Powell record breaking long jump step further, and rose again so that you and I get to live life abundantly.

Dynamic fullness.

Wholeness and fulfillment.

His love is sacrificial. Battle ready. Tried, tested and true.

His love is victorious.

Big, wide and all encompassing.

Yet, it fits seamlessly into the small pockets of daily life,

Shining in those intimate moments where its just you and him, then the world.

He wants first dibs,

The first voice you wake up to, and the last you hear as you fall into the soothing arms of sleep.

He wants to be the subject of your dreams, as you walk hand in hand, rubbing minds.

He wants the keys to your heart so that he can stand guard, protecting his from the foxes that will most certainly attempt to spoil your vine.

To know Christ is to know love.

Love like a flood.

Oceans deep.

Sky high.


Don’t choke on rules and regulations.

Don’t starve on human thoughts and ideologies.

He spoke others into being.

The animals, plants and things.

He breathed you into being.

Made in His image.

An indication of just how much He desires intimacy



With you…

Yea, you!

Do not let religion stifle you,

because it may very well be the apple that creates a divide between you and LOVE.

Happy monYAY!






images: @pinterest


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