Bare necessities

Most people are uncomfortable with being bare, and understandably so. Its a blinking open sign that welcomes attention, and one that cannot always be filtered. Its an exposé that could invite varied interpretations, criticism and unwanted commentary.

It’s only natural to not want to be viewed as tainted or messy. So we try to iron out the creases in our lives, out of the sight and ear shot of the world, so that when we step out of our doors, we present the pressed and starched versions of ourselves. 

We are comforted by the masks we wear. It serves as a hiding place. A closet that keeps the heat of the spot light at bay. Unfortunately, often times what we intended to be a safety nest, could become the thing that keeps us bound because much of who we are is caged in pretence. 

We are not in a hurry to be fitted with dentures. To the best our ability we would prefer to cat walk or bounce into old age without falsies, our teeth still intact. However, the desire for pearly whites requires diligent care to prevent lil’ foxes like cavities from spoiling our vine.

The real is that no one can escape the verities of a fallen world, and in an effort to nurse the bruised and broken parts of us, we self medicate on half truths and lies. We put the weight of our cross on sinking sand, binging on anything that’ll satisfy our craving to be whole. That kind of sweet tooth is bound to cause problems, and soon enough we find ourselves sitting in the dentist chair with a menacing prying light, and cold metal thingys invading the walls of our mouths.

In our humble opinion, we took all the steps necessary to prevent being ‘fixed’. But then things start to fall apart, and we are covered in a dust cloud from the debris of our mess. At this point is when in our minds, we take the walk of shame because now, we are too tired to dust off and we can’t be bothered to iron out the creases, or hide the cracks. We are in that moment in popular Christian lingo, undone. 

And maybe that’s exactly where we need to be, because Jesus says:

‘My grace is sufficient for you. For my power is made perfect in weakness’
|2 Corinthians 12:9| 

Don’t worry about the semantics, I’ve got you.

Walk, limp or crawl to me if you must. I am that rock that’ll keep you steady.

You seem like you are used to stumbling in the dark, let me flip the switch on so that you can see. 

Are you thirsty? I am that well that never runs dry.

Yes I know, the weight you’ve been carrying has done a number on you. Rest in me. I can handle your burdens.

I know, I know. You don’t want me to see your mess. But in your mess is where I do my best work. 

I came to the world as I am (and was crucified for it). Humans eh?

But you can come to me as you are, bowed, broken, bruised, kinks, limps and all and I’ll clothe you in my love.

With me, bare is necessary.

Happy monYAY!




 image: @ pinterest


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