A double shot of espresso

A short story.

My darling friend is currently in Iceland, an impromptu powwow with me time. It’s only been a week, but I have noticed that in this past week, every single conversation with her has left me with goosies.

She is exploring and finding. She is awake. Alive. It got me thinking about you…and I. How easy it is for us to fall into the trap of just existing. We portion control ourselves, living at the barest minimum so that we hopefully do not tip over the ledge.

Boldly I say, flex on your routine. Do not be afraid to shake things up once in a while. As seen in my friend, it is delightfully refreshing.

Remember this, the main ingredient to living a life poured out is you. 

A dry well cannot give the milk of nourishment.

when you are on empty, you pour out nothing. 

And those around you starve.

Moral of this story.

Even Jesus needed breaks. After feeding a multitude with 5 loaves and 2 fish, he went to the mountain top for alone time, to pray |Mat, 14:23|.

Give yourself permission to live. Create your version of a mountain top. Have you time. Enjoy experiences that paint your life in bold vibrant colours. Pour into yourself… for you, and as a blessing to all those around you.

PS: she got to see Northern Lights!!!! In my books, experiencing dancing lights in the sky = all shades of WOW!!

HAPPY monyaay! 



|photo:@nmajerry|words:@wateredseed 💚


  1. I summarize this as ‘we need to be woke onto and about ourselves’. I’ve recently felt like a stranger in my own ‘house’ so I’m on a quest to know me more, spend more time with me, hear me, read from me… because I matter. ❤️


  2. Even Jesus needed to be alone! I literally thought about this today as I realize how much of my week is spent on the phone, replying to texts, emails, talking to people etc. and how I just need to unplug. Sheesh, even Jesus needed a recharge!

    Also…. the Northern Lights are just north of the border from you…. jus saying 😉


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