your l i t t l e bit

When life has us all topsy-turvy, emptied out and scrunched up, it is easy to think that the best course of action is giving up. In those moments, the option to lay there and take it is appealing because we are awash with every possible deprecating thought.

We are simply tired. And I get it.  

It is okay to feel tired, but it is not okay to lay there. Buried in the little bit that you have left is the potential for more. More hope, more faith, more life, more love, more peace,  more laughter, fulfilled dreams, accomplished goals and so on.

The world will have you think that your little bit is not enough, but that is a lie. A little bit, a floating idea, a mustard seed (faith), a stick/staff (Moses), a handful of flour (Elijah & the widow at Zarephath), a small jar of olive oil (Elisha & a prophets widow), 5 loaves and 2 fish, one step…can yield abundance.

Do not take your little bit for granted.

At first glance it offers nothing, and as you consider your little bit while staring at the harrowing magnitude of competing demands, problems and issues, useless is the word that comes to mind. How can a seed grow into a forest, or a stick part the red sea, or an idea become a multi billion dollar business, or a handful of flour not run out, or a small jar of olive oil pay off debt, or 5 loaves and 2 fish feed thousands? 

It is not by (your) might or by (your) power, but by my spirit says the Lord Almighty. |Zechariah 4:6|

I will not give you the permission to give up. You darling have a purpose on this earth. Cry out to God for the strength and grace that you need for the season you are in.

There are hearts, minds, souls, lives depending on your little bit, waiting to drink from the rivers of living water bubbling in your belly. You have answers and solutions in you. You are the salt needed to season a life or two or more. You are the light someone out there needs.

Your little bit counts. Invest it.

Happy MonyaY!





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  1. As the year winds up I’ve been thinking about purpose and plans. God’s concerning me and how mine must fit into His. In a world where it seems like you’re wasting your time if you aren’t making big moves, this post is timely. Thank you.

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    1. Le’sigh! There’ll always be those seasons of busyness. I guess its just a matter of being intentional about not forgetting the equally important little bits that make the sum of you.


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