All I need

I am convinced that my God will fully satisfy EVERY need you have…

And my God will meet ALL your needs…

And my God will liberally supply (fill until full) your every need…

Phil 4:19, |TPT, NIV, AMP|

For a long time, I associated this verse with only material things, specifically money. Thankfully, revelation is progressive and I have come to a deeper, more rounded understanding of this verse. 

Sometimes I wake up on Monday morning thinking, gwash what will I post today? When I started this blog, it was completely for God. Everything about it is waaaay out of my comfort zone. My preference? To be a wallflower. I had the idea for the blog 8 odd years ago. I started it, then stopped because it got too personal. He wanted me to do it then, and even though years have gone by, I am right back where He always wanted me. Here. Only this time, its with a new, more mature perspective. 

I still have moments when I hover around the ‘delete page’ button for a bit too long, and thats typically when there is a shift in my focus from Him to me. But, it’s not about me. It never was.

The Lord will supply all my needs…including the words I write and post every Monday. He supplies the inspiration, and the added sugar and spice; humour and intensity. 

I would hear myself say, ‘ok Holy Spirit, I am stuck. I need you. Help!’ The first time it happened, I looked around hoping no one heard me ‘cuz I mean how silly right? But it didn’t stop me from doing it again and again, and I have never been disappointed. Title after Title, its been all Him. 

Seems trivial, yea. But this is what walking with God is. Conversations about little big things. Discussions about then and now. Debates about this and that. Wrestling matches and silent periods. The crust and the filling. Everything YOU. Every time HIM. Always YOU + HIM. 

Go ahead, give it a shot. Hey Lord, what should I wear today? Smoothie or cereal? Strength training or cardio? What recipe should I try today? What should I study in your word today? What route should I use to work today? What should I prioritize on my to-do list? Chicken or fish? Whole Foods or Fresh Market? What do you think about this? Should I say it this way or nah? Is this really the word to use in this sentence? Who needs encouragement today Lord? Anyone I should reach out to? Wanna use me?

He really does desire to be all you need. 

Happy mon-YAY! 💚


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  1. As usual, this was a very enlightening read and it came at the right time. As you know, l am job hunting and l am in my local library applying to jobs and l was getting really tired when your email came in and l did just that. said a little word of prayer and asking God to help me go to the sites that will find the job that my heart desires. Thank you. Do not stop writing. Please.

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  2. Hmm, this is a great perspective especially that last paragraph. A great way to ease into dependence on God and let go of the “me me me” factor. 🙂

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