In the wake of all the allegations against R.Kelly aka Pied Piper, arguably the king of RnB, my girls and I tattled on till the wee hours of the morning. 

We were like chimneys, piping hot, spewing enough smoke to set off multiple fire alarms. Yup, we were alarmed, and I for one felt like puking.

I mean this is the same person that wrote and sang I believe I can fly. Like duuuuude! Couldn’t you just tell your body a loud NO too?

I needed a cleanse, and for all intents and purposes, I wished I could power wash my mind. It was all trés much, the accounts of these women. All too crazy. All too sick. All so unbelievably unbelievable. 

But then I thought, things like this happen everyday. I mean I have watched enough Law and Order SVU and criminal minds to know that there is evil in the world. Granted, both are fictional, but not very far from reality, cc: Dateline, 48hrs and the rest. The Bible says the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked (sick) |Jeremiah 17:9|. Now thats some scary ish. 

The devil is a creep. He just straight lurks, waiting for the right prey to pounce on. All things considered – Jesus Christ, he has already been defeated, thus placed under our feet. He has no power were he is not welcomed |1 Peter 5:9|, so I refuse to attribute any to him. But I know it doesn’t stop him from scheming. 

If it is in fact true that Kelly was molested as a child, it was from then that he was trapped. That was the beginning of his wilderness, and his insatiable need to fill a void. A sick mind will always justify doing sick things, the tragic woes of unresolved issues. 

The devil prowls solely to steal, kill and destroy. Everyone involved in this has lost something. Relationships have been destroyed. Time has been stolen. Spirits have been broken, and like the Bible says, a broken heart dries up the bones |prov. 17:22|; exactly where the devil would like anyone to be. It turns him on. But the gospel truth aka good news is that, God is close to the brokenhearted |Psalm 34:18|.

Bottomline is we all need to stay alert, guards up at all times. Its a psychological game of chess with predators, and once hooked it takes the grace of God to break free. It is easy to play judge and jury and dictate what we think all involved should or shouldn’t do. It is easy to judge all the players, parents included. But…you are not GOD. The sensational stories will swirl around for a period of time, and we will sit in our corners trying to connect the dots, but as outsiders we will never know the whole story. 

My prayer is that all involved will be healed from years of abuse and dysfuntion, and that R Kelly himself from the web of his dysfunction cries out to God, ‘cuz yea humans aren’t that forgiving. We do a better job at throwing stones. 

I cannot for the life of me understand pervasion, and stone cold hearted evil and wickedness just blows my mind. But God is love, and He hears every single person that cries out to Him with a humble, ready and willing heart. 

I always say this: we will be super surprised by those we see in heaven, ‘cuz at the end of the day God cannot be fooled. He sees the heart in something clearer than 3D. 

For you, God, will see to it that every pit-digger who works to trap and harm others will be trapped and harmed by his own treachery. But I will give all my thanks to you, Lord, for you make everything right in the end. I will sing my highest praise to the God of the Highest Place!”

Psalm 7:16-17, TPT

Rest easy, justice will be served.

Happy Monyaaaaaaaaaaaay!



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