Monday bread

Fresh out the oven.

Pipping hot.

Soft doughy calorie filled goodness.

Thats what my dear Lord had for me this AM…

…and you too.

Oh ye of little faith, why do you sweat the small stuff? Yes I said small, because that is what they are to me – dust blown by the winds of my word or touch. Did you not hear me when I said I am your Lord your God, or have you forgotten that I said I will never leave nor forsake you. Why not let me be God; the I AM I say I AM?

You are doing too much. You are trying too hard. All your energy is focused on the wrong things. Direct it right back to me.  All I want is you, your heart. Can you just give me that, and willingly?

Can you just adjust your posture from that bowed over position, and stand up from your self deprecating den of defeat? Can you stretch your tired hands out to me?

Do it in faith.

Give me something to work with, I need to see that you have faith, even if it is as tiny as a mustard seed. Listen, I fed thousands with 5 loaves and 2 fish. Just think on how much more I could  do with your good hand – those gifts and talents you think are worth nothing.

I can feed a thousand hearts with a single word from your mouth. I can birth an empire with the $5 in your bank account. I can restore your home with little gestures that typically go unnoticed. Yes! like you doing the laundry.

Name the issue, and then remember the name – Jesus, the name under which everything…not some things, but everything must bow.

Oh darling, where is your faith?

Little is not a whole lot, why is why it is often overlooked. But see, if little wasn’t so important, then those little pesky annoying foxes wouldn’t spoil the vine. A little doubt and fear wouldn’t keep you stuck and paralyzed. A little spark (unattended to) wouldn’t burn a whole house down.

So I say to you again, where is your faith?

Happy MONyaaaaaaaay!


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