Even when the volume of the TV is muted, the story still goes on. You could make assumptions about what you think the storyline is, based on the images and gestures you see on the screen. But chances are that you missed a whole lot, a whole juicy lot.

Same goes for a song on the radio. When muted, all you hear is silence. You could hum words based on the lyrics you remember. You could even throw in your own words to flow with the melody of the song. But much gets lost in translation, and much room is left for fill-ins and misinterpretation – possibly skewing the intended message of the song.

A sold or gifted book with no words leaves a lot to be desired. It could also stir up confusion.

This is how I feel about words –

They are powerful.

So powerful. 

Isn’t this why it says in Proverbs; death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruits? 

Words create pictures. Pictures lead to movement (action). Movement builds the story, and the story has the potential to become a masterpiece.

Sometimes, it is arguably the things left unsaid that have the most impact. In my life, unspoken words from a father, friend or partner left me parched. I couldn’t quite tell where I stood. It’s something about the #unknown that makes you toss and turn, wondering, obsessing. We go as far as questioning ourselves, even our existence, worth and value based on what was not said (that we would have loved to hear). 

I’ll pick grains from miles of sand…

Do not assume your partner, friend or family members know you love them. Tell them, then show it. 

Do not assume your children know they are beautiful, brilliant, amazing or that you believe in and see potential in them. Tell them, then show them. 

Do not assume that anyone in your life knows they are appreciated. Tell them, then show them. 

Do not put a limit on it either (‘cuz I know how y’all can be sometimes…👀)

Words matter. They are a crucial part of walking with whomever in our lives. Our words could quite literally be the fuel the next person needs to move…Imagine that!

God walked/talked with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. 

He walks and talks with us through His inspired words in the Bible. 

He is always talking, reminding us of just how valuable we are to Him…of just how much we are loved by Him.

You know, in my reflective space, I often ask myself:-

Are your words like water or acid?

Are your words intentional?

Do your words build or destroy?

Where are your words? Even more important, what are your words saying/doing?

♥ HAPPY MONyaaaaaaaaay! ♥

ρѕ: ι ℓσνє уσυ (っ◔◡◔)っ



  1. “Words matter. They are a crucial part of walking with whomever in our lives. Our words could quite literally be the fuel the next person needs to move…Imagine that!” – indeed they do! It’s a daily challenge to ensure that the words we speak are always seasoned with grace and edifying to those who hear.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this, I love it. It’s amazing how the proverbs verse is one of my favorite in the Bible. Words are Soo Soo powerful that it can literally change the tide of life. Thank you for the reminder of how intentionally we should be with our words. As a reminder let my words be sweet like honey to the ears and soft in my delivery. Thank you Mich 😘😘

    Xoxo Blessing

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