The quietness of seed time

“Only I Daniel, saw this vision. The men with me saw nothing, but they were suddenly terrified and ran away to hide.” Daniel 10:7. 

The danger of allowing ‘others’ in on the seed form of what God has expressly said to you is quite honestly, death. We get carried away, mostly from excitement, thinking that people will be just as excited for us. We also make the mistake of assuming that they would understand, because how could they not? It’s as clear as day to you. 

Thing is, if God wanted them to know in that exact moment, He would have orchestrated it. Daniel saw a man and heard the words spoken by the man. The ‘others’ heard thunder and saw lightning. That says it all. 

God reveals a portion of His plans (for you) to you knowing fully well that the enormity of it will probably make you weak in the knees. He knows that doubt will creep in and so will it’s immediate cousin, fear. Not giving yourself due time to digest what God has planted in your heart, or process what it all means, and prayerfully plan, before involving a fold of people is a death trap. 

Simply put, people are quick to shut down and/or belittle what they cannot comprehend, and they do this not because they don’t love you but because in their minds, they are protecting you. Their focus is on your limitations, your present reality. All that you do not have, is all the reason they need to impress upon you that you must have heard wrong, or it simply cannot be done. They echo loudly the doubt and fear that you are possibly working over time to keep at bay. Be mindful also of the few within the pack that just do not want to see you progress in life.

Daniel said, “so I was left all alone to see this amazing vision. My strength left me, my face grew deathly pale, and I felt weak. Then I heard the man speak, and when I heard the sound of his voice, I fainted and lay there with my face to the ground” (Vs. 8-9). Daniel, God’s faithful servant was shaken into a higher level. It was all too much for him to bare in that moment, so much so that he fainted. Sounds extreme, but haven’t we been there at one point or another?!? Maybe not the fainting part, but the overwhelmed, oh my God, how will I do or get through this part…

I have learnt that when you stay planted, God goes about doing his work. He waters and tends to you, as you grow through due process, in preparation for the manifestation of his word — what he said to you. “Then the one who looked like a man touched me again, and I felt my strength returning. Don’t be afraid, he said, for you are very precious to God. Peace! Be encouraged! Be strong! As he spoke these words to me, I suddenly felt stronger. (Vs. 18-19). What you do not want is for the seed God has planted in you to be uprooted prematurely. Too many are in need of what God has placed in you!

Remember this.

Your strength is not in a multitude. It is in God, and him alone. Quit trying to impress people with grandeur ideas that will elicit eye rolls and blank nods. It will only make you question yourself.

Tend to your lot in the quietness of God’s presence. The fruits will make all the noise. 

Happy monyaaaaaay!




  1. Wow! What a powerful message! Keep what God has revealed to you close to your heart until the right time when God is ready to reveal it to others. Reminds me of the story of Joseph who prematurely revealed the dream God gave him to his brothers… and we all know what happened next. Thank you for this Word!


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