Can we have a quick heart to heart, and talk about life for a sec.?

For your sake, and that of all those within inches of you, i.e. in the four walls of your home, do not attempt to be Rachel Ray on an empty stomach. It is a recipe for disaster, one that I have had the privilege of experiencing firsthand.

I cannot spare the dramatics, because the mere thought of it has resurrected the pain I felt as I tossed the contents of my hard work into a smelly black hole of trash. Hours of meticulously slaving over vegetables cut into precise shapes, liquids measured to perfection and spices liberated from their wraps and bottles — sprinkled liberally for prime cuisine experience, and I got nothing.

The finish line that was so clear at the beginning, became blurry as I stared defeat in the face. Even more daunting, was the thought of starting the process over, on a still empty stomach. Guys I can’t quite describe the frustration I felt as I stirred what looked and tasted nothing like what Rachel Ray said it should look and taste like. 

But there goes Rayray at the end of the video tasting her dish with such a satisfied, glowy look on her face. Sis. beamed with such pride, and mehn y’all I was WEAK.

I don’t know exactly when things went left. I honestly thought I had it in the bag. I had dreamed it, imagined it, and even tasted it (in my mind). I was so ready for that loud applause my hubby gives whenever I throw down in the kitchen. The applause, the high-fives and the side mean mug face, like dang babe you did that. I wanted it all!

The end of this story is this. I learnt a lesson.

There was a key ingredient that I didn’t take into consideration when attempting to floss like Ms. Ray, practice. Rachel Ray did not become 5 star Rayray overnight. It took practice. Before the spotlight, was preparation. Behind that 10 minute video was the foundation of time invested learning her craft, honing her skills and perfecting her niche — almost to the point of not having to measure or gauge. With eyes open or closed, she knows.

That is where I wanna be with God. To have His word so deeply rooted, and richly dwelling in me that when life throws its curve balls, I am never empty and always ready. I just know that my God is with me and for me. I know that I am loved, and cared for. I know that I am beautiful. I know that I am good. I know that God has a purpose for me. I know that even in the wilderness, in the face of closed doors and rejection, in the darkest of nights, in numbing pain, God is still God, and He is still good. I just simply know.

At the end of life on earth, when I take my last breath, my moment of glowy pride would be to hear my Lord say…well done good and faithful servant. And then in grande finale fashion, I hear the heavens erupt in the loudest, most musical applause I could ever imagine.

Ms. Ray taught me this — practice on purpose. learn on purpose. So YES, imma give that recipe a shot again.

God taught me this — live in my word, and on my terms. How’s that for life’s recipe?

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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  1. Yup. That was a word. To practice practice practice and be so deeply rooted that it becomes second nature. Great message.


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