The One.

He will leave 99 for 1.

If you are the 1,

He will leave 99 for you. 

He’ll go that extra mile because you are valued.

Marked as His. No questions asked.

How dare you think of yourself as less than you are!?!

Oh but I get it, more than you know. This fight is a daily one, possibly the biggest of our lives, because we always have to be alert, and stand guard over our hearts. Swinging our swords at those dingy thoughts that want to set up shop, and camp in our minds.

Darling, do not believe the lies the devil whispers in your ears. 

Those words are smoking mirrors,

he’ll say anything to steal your joy. 

The truth is YOU ARE LOVED, and by a God who sees you in the mass of a million bodies. 

This truth silences every possible lie that the devil can muster, even as his most charming, charismatic self.

God loves YOU,

and has given you the liberty to be BRAVELY all He has created you to be. 💛

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


Picture: @pinterest

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