In quietness…

Quietness can be quite loud. Its unnerving, I get it.

In quietness, we give our thoughts room to breathe, and maybe thats exactly the opposite of what we want. So we turn our backs to the weighty thoughts, and pack up our days with stuff guised in to-dos. We are ‘busy’, but barely productive, and if we are honest with ourselves, we are probably off course with our purpose anyways. The spark we may have once had, wanes off as we move mindlessly. Accomplishing, but not being fruitful. Our works are devoid of joy. We act in control, but its just that, an act. The same thoughts we play hide ‘n’ seek with, become a cage of sorts because we are bound by them. These damning thoughts, the voices that tell us that we are everything but what God says we are, will always find a way to creep in. Why not face them head on, in quietness?

We feel the need to avoid quietness when we are ill-equipped for the tsunami-esque rumblings within. When we are not rooted, we lack what it takes to face the demons, and handle the ensuing but momentary chaos and its aftermath. Where there are no roots, we have nothing to sustain and keep us grounded in the battle. We are tossed about like a lone leaf distressed by the weight of the wind. It moves not of its own will, but by that of the wind. It has no choice but to frantically flail around until the wind ceases, and it lands just in time to be swept up by yet another merciless bout of wind.

Also known as meditation, it is a time to commune and connect with our Father. God is not meant to be just a part of our lives. Our lives are meant to be lived in Him. That way, He is involved in the nitty-gritty, nook and cranny, ebb and flow details of our being. In quietness, we get the ammunition we need to fight the good fight of faith. But practically speaking we get to see ourselves in His word, and build our own understanding of His word so that when the attacks come, we are rooted and ready.

In quietness, God speaks, and the anxiety, fear, doubt, lies and so forth bow out. They loose the power that they once had over us. Do you remember the part in the Bible that narrates Jesus’ temptation? Note that it was right after 40 days and nights of quietness, praying and fasting. I honestly feel weak just thinking about how physically weak Jesus must have been after the 40 day period. But even though His body was weak, His spirt was revved up. He was spiritually alert, and knew just what to say to shut the devil up. The devil tried it, spitting words from the Bible y’all. Like he really tried it. But God.

Jesus was so in God that the devils’ twisted tongue could not wind Him up. There was no room for confusion, and no soil for the devil to plant his lies. Jesus, even in the ruckus being moved from one pinnacle to the next, was still |Matthew 4:1-11|. There was noise around Him, but a quietness within. His overall attitude, countenance and response was fuelled from a place of quietness.

Makes sense why God says, be still and know that I am God, |Psalm 46:10| and then He goes further and says that He keeps in perfect and constant peace all who trust in Him, all whose thoughts are fixed on Him |Isaiah 26:3|.

You are built up in the place of quietness. Do not let the devil steal that away from you. This week, endeavour to spend more time with God. Schedule your quiet time if you must, until it becomes a habit. You need it for the battlefield of life.

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! and Happy new month! 💛


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m currently in what feels like a helter-skelter period of frantic activity and this is such a timely message to be still and know that God is God.


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