The Lord is in this place.

This place may reek with fear. It may be a place encumbered with a heap of lost dreams and broken promises. It may be a place of isolation, pain and heartache. It may be a place of loss. It may be a place of sacrifice, or offering. It may be a place of tears, or a place of unrest. It may be a place of guilt or shame. It may be a place of brokenness and defeat. The creases and jagged edges of your life do not scare God. Like me, you just have to get to a crowning point, possibly at rock bottom where you choose to believe that God is with you. Jacob said, surely the Lord is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it |Gen. 28:16|. At the time he said this, Jacob was on the run. He had been very naughty (for lack of a better word), and this was the price he had to pay. Many, myself included would say that he deserved it. He was a thief. His ways were slippery. He was sly, manipulative and shifty. Basically a crook. In this place (miles and miles away from what was known – his safety net), as far as the human eyes could see, he had nothing. But God was with him, and the moment he was roused by this truth, he was awake to God’s presence, and everything changed.

An encounter with God is not easily forgotten, and it never leaves you the same. The bible says Jacob awoke from his sleep. This is a verse I have read many times before, but this time that sentence stood out. Almost like the Holy Spirit highlighted it in something better than 3D. It read to me as a call to action. Like God was saying to me, Michelle wake up from your slumber, you are settling by even contemplating the lies spoken by the devil. Michelle behold me, not your problems. Michelle open your eyes and see, I am your God. Your resting place. Michelle I am with you, even when you cannot ‘feel’ me. Michelle my belle, I am your hope, not any man, and not any material thing.

And so to you I say, right where you are, in the place that you are, welcome God. Welcome him into the pieces of your life, no matter how messy. No matter how dark and dingy. No matter how depraved and inhuman. No matter how ugly. Spread out those pieces, all one million of them before him, and rest your throbbing head, aching heart and tired bones on the rock. The one who restores to greater glory. 

Every time you ‘feel’ anything other than love, remember this — the Lord is in this place. 

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!



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