It is very easy to feel small. 

I have felt small many times. Still do…sometimes

It is less about position i.e. where you are in life, and more about mindset.

A billion odd people in the world, and you think, what makes me special? 

In a world seemingly driven by influencers, where do I stand? What do I have to give?

In the sea of chatter —

Conversations swirling over cold coffee in quaint little shops, or over stale doughnuts in board rooms. In hallways, or on street corners. Around the dinning tables in homes bustling with laughter, or pillow talk between siblings or lovers. Whispers in libraries, or whilst running in the park, and so on.

All around us, people are talking, connecting, and building life long bonds, and we feel left out. Life is buzzing, yet we feel lifeless. We want to join in on the chatter, connect, belong, innovate, but we choke. We are convinced that we have nothing of value to add, so we shrink and buddy up with our shadows; depriving the world of the living water pounding at the shores of our insecurities, ready to flow.

What does a wallflower have to offer you ask? Beauty.

What does a broken soul have to give? Grace. No one understands brokenness more than one that was once broken.

God values the content of your life at worthy. Your story adds texture to relational threads, distinctly woven to be exactly what is needed to help another heal. To be a solution to a problem.

When God breathed you to life, He wasn’t thinking small. How can you be small, when your God is big? If you were worthless, why Jesus? Do you think God would give himself for you if you were worth nothing?

You are beautifully and wonderfully made, and God is able to do abundantly more with exactly what you have. Step out, and let God highlight you in a mass of billions.

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


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