“One of the fruits from my relationship with God is that I am whole and secure in who I am and as such able to celebrate others.”

Sarah Jakes Roberts

A couple years ago, I went to God in prayer and asked for one thing. That I always in every circumstance have the desire to joyfully celebrate others. I can’t put my finger on exactly what triggered this ask, but I remember thinking that I never want someone else’s victories to steal my joy. That is a space the devil resides, and I wasn’t willing to be his home.

We are in a digital age that makes ‘others’ accessible. We have been given a wall to hide behind, while chiming in on people’s lives. We have . . . or rather, think we have a front row seat to the life reel of individuals. But I think we know by now that where the internet is concerned, the real is an anomaly, typically saved for behind the scenes. We only get to see the highlights.

In our inner circles, we are privileged (I would say) to grind with our tribe. We are privy to their struggles, and hustle along side them with the unified goal of building together. It’s the growing pains that are hardly spoken about, because lets be real, they can’t be tied with a pretty bow.

Praying for something for yourself, and watching someone else receive it can be jarring. Instinctively you want to sulk, and these feelings come whether its a faraway figure or a person in your tribe. God, why them and not me? We revert to being like a child just weaning off breastmilk. We cry, scoff and whine, forgetting this simple truth, no one skips the process, it may just look different from one person to the next. We may walk through life side by side, but our seasons are different. Our set time for a specific desire may not align, but it doesn’t mean that we are not co-flourishing.

So when I went to God that day, what I was really seeking was contentment. To be so rooted in my wholeness in God, that I am never in urban lingo, shook by what others are receiving or accomplishing. . . even and especially in my season of waiting. There is a sense of security that comes when I operate from a place of contentment. I am not driven by the need to be the swiftest or fastest. I have a knowing down in my spirit that the driver of my life, who is also the one that sustains through the course of the drive has it all mapped out.

A woven basket can hold solids, but liquids will drip right through. I am God’s temple (the woven basket if you will), and so I carry Him with me everywhere I go. I am also thinking that included in the living water that flows out of my belly, is joy. So why not be joyful? Why not celebrate the victories of others? Why not stick it to the devil by intentionally displaying all that is good, and beautiful, and masterful about God, by living joyfully on purpose.

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Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


picture: @pinterest

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