Sound Bites

I am pressed to remind us that God is not man.

The world and God are not interchangeable. God is God, and the world is the world, fallen. The fallen birth brokenness. That is what it knows to do.

Now Jesus came and said, yo, I have come to show you that there is more. You do not have to be broken. There is life in me. Come to me, follow me, abide in me, rest in me. But then the world comes and says, oh no no no. You are all the god you need. Here is an apple, bite into it to see all the many options available to you. The former nudges you to place (all) your hope and trust in one. Stake your life on me, he says. The latter encourages running from pillar to post in search of what it inevitably cannot give. The problem is, we are naturally self aggrandizing beings, and whatever feeds into that is always more appealing.

This is where I believe the if questions stem from. Worldly sound bites drummed up to sow seeds of doubt, so that we question who God says He is.

If God is so good, why…?

All of a sudden, everything evil about the world is blamed on God, while the devil slithers his way through hearts and continues on a rampage to steal, kill and destroy.

Hello, the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it, and keep it. God had a plan, and it was perfect, but then man rebelled. Eve was so taken by the possibilities of being all knowing, that she forgot to read the fine print. Isn’t that how it is today? We see a snippet of something, assume we know the whole story, and run with it. A handful may stop to dig deeper, wisdom. But most will take it, add their own sauce to it, and spread it. Technology is great and all yea, but word of mouth is in my opinion still the most effective form of marketing.

So here is my sugary sound bite for today:

God has no favourites |Romans 2:11|, but the world does. God is always good |Mark 10:18|. The world isn’t. God is always just |Isaiah 30:18|. The world isn’t. God is always faithful |Deuteronomy 7:9|. The world isn’t. God is always love |1 John 4:8|. The world isn’t.

It is ignorant to view God through a worldly lens. The world is hardened, and is hell bent on staying that way. But the Bible says that the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth |John 16:13|, which means God reveals himself to hearts that are receptive to Him. Oh! What joy is it to be good soil, loamy in texture, and perfectly suited for the birthing of life. Eternal life.

For all the effort that the world puts into removing God from its structures and culture, it needs God. As Christians we are in the ministry of reconciliation, not judgement. Judgement is the Lords. Our role is to be light in darkness. To express love to a hurting world, and as a church be faithful stewards of what God has placed in each of us.

What’s your sound bite for today?

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!



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  1. Gosh, I haven’t heard that word “loamy” in a long time, lol. Sometimes we see God through the lens of our own experiences (including our own hurts and disappointments). It is hard sometimes to imagine a God who is limitless, including in his love for us.


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