Divine adventures

The hubby and I had a mini getaway this past weekend to New York. If you know anything about NY, it is 24/7 buzzed, a city that never sleeps. The whole trip was turnt! From meeting the coolest bunch of folks to celebrating the union of hubby’s childhood friend, it was all the feels. 

As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. I blinked, and it was time to begin the countdown to several degrees below turnt. Lol. We decided to experience a bit more of the city, and opted to use the New York city transit subway line (MTA) from our hotel in Yonkers, to Grand central station, then board the shuttle bus to Newark International Airport.

Even though we left 4 hours prior, we did not foresee the delays. Between the uber driver being clueless because as he said “I am from Queens, I don’t know”, to having to disembark from the train and take express shuttle buses because the system was down from a certain point, to being directed to an entirely wrong pick up stop for the airport shuttle bus, we barely made it. In fact at this point we looked at the time and thought how the heck is this going to work. 

I was sweating like a Christmas goat from all the hustle, and just wanted my bed. After taking a second to catch my breath, I ask the bus driver how long the drive would be, and he says “1 hour.” For context, it was about 12:03pm at this point, our flight was at 1:30pm. Boarding was scheduled for 1pm. The driver then adds that there is a delay in departure time, and the bus will now be leaving at 12:20pm. Guys I was ready to scream. 😂

Hubby says ya no, and orders an Uber. There must have been something in the air, because our uber driver also lost her way, and the time on the app went from arriving in 1min, to 4mins a couple times. Then there was the traffic. My Lord. 

We arrive at the airport at 1pm. Made a mad dash to drop off our luggages, of which the lady at the counter positioned herself to be a joy killer, ‘cuz she was rude as heck. Like 50 shades of rude. I had to speak in tongues to keep calm. As if that was not enough, we missed the luggage drop off time. Three different customer service agents later (all rude but one), and NO useful information. 

So we decided to ‘fast and furious’ it to our gate. Got through security with a breeze — thank God. Got to our gate as it was closing and boom sorry ma’am, boarding time is over. Then another agent comes out and is like no hold on let me tell them to wait — oh the joy I felt! But then another less exciting boom…”sorry I tried but I got push back from the crew”. I could have laid on the floor at this point. I was out of breath from all the running anyway, but it didn’t hit me until that moment. 

Then I remembered something one of the rude as heck agents said and I was like oh gwash are we going to have to buy two whole new tickets or pay to get on a next flight??? No no no!!!! Then I said Lord please favour us in this situation and cause every other agent we meet to favour us as well. I said that prayer in faith, but was still panicked. 

The two lovely agents directed us to yet another agent, and before I walked away one said “don’t worry, they’ll help you up there. It’ll be fine.”  I am not sure what made her say that. It could very well have been the panicked look on my face, but I believe it was God using her to calm me down. 

We get to the UNITED counter, tell the agent our situation, he taps on the keyboard a few times and BOOM two new tickets for a new time with BETTER seats!!!!!!! I turned to hubby and said “babe this is God. This is all God”. Then I thought hmmm not once did he look stressed. In fact, he was as calm as a cucumber the whole time. So I asked, “why were you so calm the entire time?” His response was “I had faith.” Okay well colour me gumsmacked. Hello!!! I had faith too! To which he responds, “so why were you acting like God wouldn’t answer? I just trusted that He would sort us out.”  Ya he tried it!

But that’s just it though. I prayed to a God I say I believe is great, mighty and all things excellent and beautiful, yet I still carried the weight of the problem, refusing to leave it with him. How often do we do that in our lives? Praying, but with one leg in and the other out— I’ll pray but I don’t want to put all my eggs in this basket, just incase. Why do we have more hope in people than in God?

This was a teacheable moment for me, and thinking back on it, I see God every step of the way. We are always looking for Him to speak with thunder, but it is almost always in a still small voice, using everyone and everything around us to get His point across.

All the delays worked in our favour!!!!!!! We missed a flight, but we had time to relax, reminisce about the trip, and even found an amazing fried chicken spot with the yummiest hush puppies ever! 😂. God is always good. Always. Oh and one more thing:

and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose |Romans 8:28, NIV|

Remember this verse when you are weighed down by delays and ‘missed’ opportunities. It all works together for your good. Always.

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay



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  1. Ahhh you a preaching with a scenario that has been all too familiar for me! It’s super frustrating but yes, God always has/does come through in the midst of it.

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