Becky with the good hair

Her name is actually Kersti. Kersti Pitre, and she is dope. What she is able to do with her hands, on her head is magic. Black girl magic.

But unto the real gist for the day. How many of us start something with a picture of what we want the end product to look like in mind? I know I do, and I think its safe to say that I am all of us in this regard. If not all, at least 85%.

Well here is my story about turning lemons to cupcakes. 

I had the urge to braid my hair. Okay wait, let me backtrack some. 

A few months ago, I saw a picture of a beaut (a lazy slang I have heard thrown around, young’in word for beautiful) named Kersti. K had braids. K looked good. Real good. Luckily for me, K has a YouTube channel and so I watched the video (of her making said braids) over and over. By the 7th run through, I was confident I had it on lock. 

I prepped as anyone would. Bought the hair and everything else I would need. I started the braiding process at 11 a.m, with a picture of what I wanted it to look like, which in case you haven’t figured it out, was exactly as she had it. But guys, it wasn’t panning out that way. By 6 p.m. I could feel frustration start to creep in. Seriously, no joke I was close to tears. 1 a.m rolled by and I was still fighting with hair, mine and the extensions. By 2 a.m. I considered what my face would look like with a bald head, ‘cuz Michelle, Michelle is me, I am Michelle and I was done done DONE. 

I should mention that I had said a word of prayer before starting. Something along the lines of, okay Holy Spirit let’s do this. You have empowered my hands for excellent, beautiful and neat braids.

So I was confused. Why wasn’t this working out? 2:30 a.m, and I heard myself say “I am moving with the speed of the Holy Ghost.”  Hahaha it got serious real quick guys. I was TIRED!!!! My thumbs were hurting, my lower back was screaming and I honestly felt like I was seeing double. Weak is what I was. 

Isn’t this how it feels when we ignore God’s plans and obsess over our plans, or being like someone else? Forcing our feet into shoes that do not fit. Walking around with blisters we have no business having in the first place. Walking with limps (hurts, disappointments, pains) God never intended for us.  May I submit to you that when all our focus is on being replicas of what already exists, we shrink maybe even disappear, because through that lens, our gifts and talents will always look small and insignificant in our eyes.

3 a.m. and I figured I’ld give it a rest and get some sleep. That sleep was necessary for me to reset. It was also a moment of surrender. I went to bed feeling like I had failed. I woke up seeing other ways to make it work. Indeed, God makes all things beautiful in its time |Ecclesiastes 3:11|.

With my renewed mind aka new perspective, I remembered that I can actually braid, maybe not in the way that she does, but in my own way. I had new zest, and was ready to power through. Literally moving with the speed of the Holy Ghost. 

Here is what I learned. When I invite God into my situation and ask Him to take control, I really just need to surrender, and move my butt out the driver seat. I have no business shouting out directions, or complaining about the speed limit, talking about you know Lord you could drive a little faster by at least 10 miles. Could you inch a little closer to 75? 65 is quite slow, and we need to get to my destination like yesterday. 

Interesting fact about God. He cannot fit into your plans. He also cannot work within your timeline. He is God, he sees all and knows all, beginning to end. His pace, time and plans are always the best option for us. 

I heard this a few days ago, and it’s been ringing in my head ever since, “rest in the assurance of God’s perfect love.”

In His love (knowing that we are deeply loved by God), we are convinced that the end of the matter is always good. My braids did NOT turn out like Kersti’s, but Kersti gave me lemons, and I whipped those bad boys up, threw in some flour, coconut milk, coconut sugar and vanilla essence and made me some lemon cupcakes! Hey they came out dope all the same.

I never thought I would say this…ever. In fact I screamed the exact opposite to myself in the mirror, but its a brand new day, God’s mercies are new every morning |Lamentations 3:22-23|, and I will give Kersti’s style a shot again, because here goes my little spiritual seasoning for the day, greater is He that is in me. |1 John 4:4| AH!

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay



Check Kersti out: IG: @kersti.pitre, Youtube:

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