ℍ𝔸ℝ𝔻 𝓣𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼

I think doing hard things is a form of worship.

I can’t say that there is immediate joy in doing these things, the hard things that make the flesh scream in anguish because it hates the word no. But I can speak on the unexplainable, invaluable, unprecedented peace that washes over me, or rather stills my heart, my being, every time I choose to feed my spirit instead.

Hard is a word that connotes some level of pressure, meaning I’ll probably break a sweat. It means work is required. A great deal of effort. Intentionality that I would rather not sow. But I am starting to see hard things as little big victories in my maturity in Christ. Mustard seeds sprinkled in the good soil that He daily grooms my heart to be.

When I ask, I expect answers, and my God is faithful to answer, many times with a period of refining, in the form of a series of tests.

A smile instead of a slap. A short prayer instead of a curse, or a clap back. Shaking off the irritation that wells up when I open the door for a person, and they do not acknowledge my chivalry with a thank you. Lifting up my holy hand, instead of the middle finger when a person cuts me off on the road. Opting out of gossip sessions, when I really want to lean in and table the matter. Hugging or kissing it out with hubby shortly after a squabble.

I mean it when I say that the good Lord is doing a mighty good work in me, because more times than not, my flesh wants to be messy. Real messy. But this is what it is for me…

I imagine God smiling when I choose to celebrate the victories of people that haven’t exactly been kind to me. 

I sense a tight loving squeeze when I choose to honour my earthly father in ways my flesh knows he does not deserve. 

I hear angels singing when I have much to say (to set folks straight) but choose to bridle my tongue.

I feel renewed strength when I choose to let God fight my battles.

I know joy when I let go in the form of forgiveness.

It’s a freeing release into the warmth of His will, and in my christian walk, I have found that whatever may be, I stand taller in God’s shadow. 

Letting go of my ways |Matthew 16:24|, which is absolutely a hard thing, honours God, and seeing the act of letting go of my ways as a form of worship is a revelation that was given to me by the Holy Spirit. A revelation that shines the spotlight on the cracks and holes in my ways, making it easier to release.

The spaces between the hard things is where I found me, and isn’t it just so like God to show up in odd, unusual and unexpected places.

Happpy new month!!!!! Happpy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!



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