Hey you! It’s a good day to be alive. I thank God for you, and for where you are today. He is doing a good work in you, and even though you may not see it in this exact moment, you are a masterpiece, created for His good pleasure. You are that city upon a hill, and though you may be hidden for a little while (to protect and prepare you), you are made to shine. Enjoy the hope that you have in Christ. Rest in His finished works. Live like the royalty that you are, head up, back straight, chest out. Think about it, as beautiful as the skies are at night, twinkling with a million stars, you are more beautiful. You are the only creation that houses His breath. xoxo

Happy mon𝓎𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝒶𝓎!



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