I have been digging into the gospels a bit more lately. Started with Matthew and just decided, yup this is where I need to be right now. There is so much about Jesus that is unexpected. He was so far out the confines of ordinary that he boggled minds. It was a mix of fascination and irritation. He appealed to, and alarmed many just the same. He didn’t just make a statement, he was the statement, the ultimate influencer of His day.

Crowds followed Jesus everywhere He went because He stood out. There was a lot about Him that was different. He was one man, yet He spoke to the needs of many. He was for lack of a better word, a one stop shop for all things pertaining to life and godliness |2 Peter 1:3|. He showed that it is possible to live in the world, and not be of the world |John 17:16|. He showed it is possible to show compassion in the midst of loss and pain |Matthew 14:12-14|. He showed it is possible to lead with a heart of servitude |John 13:5|. He showed it is possible to have impact with not enough aka what is in hand |Matthew 14:17|. Jesus did not seek the crowds. They sought Him (as He sought His Father). Jesus stayed in his lane, in his Father’s will. He lived his God-purpose everyday, and note, not everyday was eventful. Some days were about rest, and planning. The fruits (of His well-rounded discipline) attracted the crowds. People always want to eat.

The not enough or less than mindset is debilitating. We live in a time were we are bombarded by excess. We have front row seats to the more in the lives of others. We make idols out of people that may not even be real. We get so lost in their world that we lose sight of ourselves. We buy into the lie that we are not impacting or achieving if there isn’t a gradient of floss to it.

I found myself in this rat race, and I know it is not unique to me. We have all at some point or other watched others eat while our food got cold.

Jesus would not have had the impact He did, if he used ‘others’ as his compass.

The earth is groaning from the weight of sin, and the world is searching. Searching for answers, but in all the wrong places; in dry wells. The answer is and always will be Jesus. The thing is Jesus has done His stint in human flesh. But we are His temple. His eyes, ears, hands and feet in the earth.

If we allow ourselves get lost in the layers of ‘others’, the focus will always be on ‘others’, and with our focus on ‘others’, God will have a pretty hard time getting or keeping our attention. How can we hear Him, when our hearts are miles away? How can He lead us, when we are looking to people to be our god? How can He download His desires and instructions into our spirits, when we are too distracted to be still?

How sad will it be to walk the earth livin’ la vida loca, but not fulfill our God given purpose? What will it profit a man to gain the world, and lose his soul? |Mark 8:36|. Eeek! Loosing my soul to the momentary frills of life? #missmewiththat 😎

I guess what I am trying to say is this, the only name that has all authority in heaven, and on earth is JESUS. Not Brenda, not Beyonce, not Trump, not Michelle, not your mother or father’s names, not your pastor’s name either. JESUS.

Bring the focus back to that name. In the end, God’s purpose for your life is all that matters. His purpose is dynamic. It could be you being an influencer in your family, a small home town, your job, with one person, or on a world stage. Your bit matters. It matters to God.

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week!


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