Let’s talk about you, and the lengths God went to for your heart. It’s a story you have probably heard many times before, but what does it hurt to hear it over and over again. Love stories are meant to live on, and isn’t that the beauty of love. 

When Jesus released his last breath, the veil of separation between you and God was torn; ripped from top to bottom, revealing a pathway to His presence. Jesus said it. He said, β€œit is finished”, meaning it is irreversible. God’s presence is eternally mine, everlastingly yours. His presence is for keeps; for a people after his heart. 

I don’t believe that God ever leaves. Even in our sin, He hovers around waiting for you and I. When we feel far away from God, it is because we stepped away or turned our backs to Him. It leaves a void that nothing in the world can fill, and so we walk around feeling lost, hopeless, and possibly forgotten.

But all glory be to God. There is hope for you and I still.

The premise of free will is that we always have a choice, and this choice is often times not the easiest because it requires sacrifice. But it is one that answers all the floating questions about love, worth and value. Yes it requires humbling ourselves, and yes we will need to drop a few things (a lot for some), and yes it will feel like a loss, and yes, yes it will hurt, but the loss of the former is smoke in comparison to gain of the latter.

I don’t think anyone would give their life for nothing. I believe that Jesus bore the weight of sin (past, present and future) because of God’s heart for every single person walking the face of the earth. The value God places on you and I was worth him giving up his life.

Why would He do all that just to turn his back on you? Why would He endure such harrowing suffering, just to leave you? How can He forget you, when you were reason enough for the cross?

I believe that God has laid out all his cards by baring his heart on the cross. For you and I, it is always just a matter of turning (from whatever and whoever), and walking right back into His presence; where we were created to abide.

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!



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