Inspired words

I believe that God speaks to us (where we are), with the purpose of calling us out into more of His marvellous light. I am always thankful for His grace, but I am also careful not to misuse it.

A staple prayer of mine is this; to always be mindful of God. What that means to me is that I never want to be so caught up in the world that God gets the remnants.

My personal revelation is that I am to receive God’s grace with gratitude, and faithful stewardship. A win-win in my book, because the ability to do this requires dwelling in His presence, and a progressive relationship with His word, and the Holy Spirit.

At a time I needed it, God led me to Matthew 15:8, which pretty much says, do not honour me with your lips if your heart is far away from me. I asked to be rooted, and He answered with the seed of his word, which for me serves as a daily reminder to live for Him.

This verse also inspired these words:

I hear you calling me, 
deeper into your heart
I hear you whispering, 
deeper, deeper, deeper still.

I hear your voice,
lighting my path with each step
I hear you,
your words holding on to me,
showering me with an abundance of grace.

I hear your heart Lord,
calling out to me
eager to make mine beat again.

Here I am Lord,
All heart, 
yours & mine eternal.


Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


Image – @pinterest

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