Can we be real…?

I hear a yes! So yaay to a little tête-à-tête. 😁😏😌

As always, the month of December was filled with excitement for the season, but also for the new year. The favourite, most popular quotable being “new year, new me” or “new year, new beginnings”. The excitement is palpable. A fresh start with a new vision, and specific goals. Whether said vision and goals had God’s input or not is TBD, but either way we are on track. Yay us! 

It’s the first couple of weeks into the year, and we realize that the baggage of the old is painstakingly loyal. So much so that it follows us into the new year, a gust of unexpected cold wind that leaves us shivering in its wake. What in the bloody hell!?! We also realize that just because we set goals, and plastered affirming quotes all over our walls, does not mean that everything will align as planned. This is where the going gets tough isn’t it? When we start to question ourselves, if we heard God right, and if the vision we wrote down is even possible. It is at this point we hit God with the side eye. 

This brings me to the book of Luke. Luke 9:51. Jesus is on the way to Jerusalem with his disciples. The journey thus far has been like a movie. A lot has happened, just enough to keep us at the edge of our seats, and our emotions playing guacamole as we decide who the heros, wack jobs and villains are. A lot of tragedy, drama and kumbaya moments. The miracles being the climax at points. Oh, let’s not forget all the profound moments (and there were loads of these) when Jesus’ words hit so good it shifted wigs…or maybe it was just mine?


Jesus is walking forward, towards His purpose. He knows he is about to be betrayed and crucified, and get this the Bible says, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem |Luke 9:52, NIV|. Let me pause for a second to say this. In Jesus’ shoes, I doubt I would have been so eager to meet my end. Even in everyday living, I am inclined to avoid all things hard and annoying. As if his determination to die for the sins of the world was not enough to be worth a million gold medals, He is rejected (just like his hometown folks did). That would be like Toronto rejecting Drake. Or Houston rejecting Beyonce. Like whaaaaaa?!

This part I love. Jesus’ goons James and John apparently felt the disrespect. I am thinking everything went black as they thought, no way did these Samaritans just reject our G; and out of the abundance of their hearts, they said yo Jesus should we call down fire from Heaven to destroy them? |Luke 9:54|Hahahahaha! Aren’t we glad that man is not God, and God is not man? ‘Cuz mehn, humans have no chill. None at all! We would all be smoke. 😂

But catch this, Jesus rebuked not the folks that rejected him, but his disciples. He rebuked them because they fell for the distraction. The disciples, bless their hearts, were triggered by external factors that shifted their focus from what was important — the big picture/Vision/Purpose. But Jesus was like I ain’t got time for this, and moved on to the next village. 

This is where you (and I) come in. . .

Kudos to you for spending quality time with God, listening and writing down what He spoke to you. You have made the vision plain, and I am celebrating you, great first step! Know that the path to manifesting that vision will not always be clear. There will be distractions, a rejection here, an insult there, a messy friend in the corner, tragedy, drama. Some, or all of it. There will be blockages, unexpected disappointments and so on.

Was Jesus hurt by the rejection? Probably. He was both God and man. So I’m sure his flesh felt the pinch of it. But he had the big picture in front of him. It was plain (clear) and it drove everything He did, including his responses. 

Like Jesus, let us be resolute in our stance. The Bible says, Christ in you is the hope of glory|Colossians 1:27|. Rejection is never the end of the matter, it just means that route is not what God had in mind. Let’s tell ourselves not to obsess over what did not work, dust our shoulders off, and move on, trusting God for insight and/or provision as we journey on.

Dear Lord, thank you for the perfect example of Jesus Christ. I believe that every good thing comes from you, and so are your plans for me. I have made my vision plain, but most importantly, I am laying it down at your feet. I know that there will be distractions along the way, but I also know that you are the light that guides me, and that I am led by your spirit on a journey that is lined with your grace, strength, clarity, favour and mercy. Help me name the distractions as they come along, so that I can see them for what they are. Help me to keep my eyes on you, align my thoughts with yours, and quicken my steps solely for your purposes. In Jesus name, Amen.

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaaaaay lovelies.


Mel. 💚


  1. This was a powerhouse of a message! Keep our vision clear, resolute, and do not fall for the distractions. Thank you for this! And for the prayer at the end!

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