My fix…

…is Jesus.

But this wasn’t always the case. My old ways kept me hidden, walking in darkness, and in the shadow of others. I lusted for attention, and the accumulation of the things I thought made me more appealing and acceptable to the objects of my affection. I was full yes, but on empty calories, so basically malnourished. Goodness gracious, am I ever so glad that season of my life is long gone. I weep for that girl though, that lost, confused, lonely girl with an insatiable appetite that could not be met by any one person or thing. I wish she clued in early, much earlier than she did. However, that same appetite led her to God, and for that reason, though there are many regrettable mishaps, I would never trade the lessons.

I feel pressed to remind you that the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, because in my many conversations, I have found that people are quick to judge God. We make assumptions about what He will, or will not forgive, and thus remain stuck. Since I have your audience, let me remind you that we were never created to be stuck, but rather to lead dynamic, purposeful and fulfilled lives, in communion with our creator.

Furthermore, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning.

I am likely to scrunch up my nose at your sin, but my God? Nope. It’s a nay. God is aware of all the mistakes we will ever make and get this, He made room for all of it. Sometimes though we make it about God when we really know it’s about us, and our unwillingness to give up something for Him. That something being self, and all that comes with solely satisfying our flesh.

The love of self lends well to keeping God at arms length. We say we desire Him, but with terms and conditions tailored to allow continued tomfoolery. Yet, even in the very depths of sin, there is a still, small voice calling out to us, sayingwhere are you? Gen.3:9. Stop hiding, I am your way. Come to meI will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me Mat.11:28. He is saying, hey before you were formed in your mothers womb, I chose you. I appointed you bare much fruit John 15:16, …I formed you for greater than you are living for right now. I can hear God asking, why are you settling?

Here is a God who cares more about your now, and forever than your past. Here is a God who is ready to cover/clothed you in the aftermath of sin Gen. 3:21. Here is a God who will never discount you. His thoughts about you are precious, and cannot be numbered, Psalm 139:17. Yes, the consequences of sin are prevalent in our world today, but I see God. I see Him clearly, moving, and calling for His children to seek Him.

This is why I praise Him, and though my words may be too simple to express the fullness of who He is, I know that He hears me. He hears me when I shout on top of my lungs, great is your faithfulness, Lam. 3:23 and He hears me when I whisper Lord help my unbelief Mark 9:24. He is with me when my faith is 100, and still with me when it is 0.5, as well as in the in between.

I’ll end on a bold note and say that it is worth giving up the things of this world for your salvation. Take it from me; one who has been both on the other side, and on the fence, with one leg in, and the other out.

It is most definitely greener on this side.



This song is a jam, and has been a repeat. Enjoy 🙂

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