For the lonely heart that questions its worth.
For the heart wondering why it even exists.
For the curious heart that strayed too far, and is now lost.
For the wandering heart.
For the heart in pieces, buried in its brokenness.
For the heart seething in pain.
For the heart pretending to be okay, but feeling forgotten.
For the heart condemned and stoned by religion.
For the heart in chaos, desperate for peace.
For the heart convulsed by anxiety
For the heart in a choke hold with fear
For the heart hardened by life.
For the heart yearning for more
For the heart on the verge of giving up.
Jesus. Your answer.
Jesus. Your rest.
Jesus. Your never ending well of satisfaction.
Jesus. The one in whom your purpose is wrapped up in.
Jesus. The one whose image you bare.
Jesus. A display of Gods heart for you.

If no one has told you in a while…
You matter. No! You are not a waste…periodT.
You were chosen before the foundation of the world.
Formed in perfect unity,
Magnificently robed in love.
And when sin reared its ugly head, causing a separation,
God thought you were worth dying for.



oh!! happy monyaaaaaaay πŸ™‚

Currently listening to John Mark Pantana’s, Made for Jesus…Enjoy πŸ™‚

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