Evidence Journal

I often advise my clients to keep an ‘evidence’ journal, and here is why.
We are quick to forget.
But also, we have a hard time seeing progress (while) in the process.
Knee deep in the throes of life, everything including words of encouragement run the risk of sounding cliché. Little steps forward and tiny ‘barely there’ pivot points get lost in the mud, and so it’s my job to bring to remembrance, and then connect the dots.
Hey remember when…
Well, this is where you are now…
Here is how you got here…
And here is your personal guideline on how to keep going.

Often, I am met with oh, I didn’t see that.

In my life, I have found it helpful to do, in remembrance.
I journal, even the seemingly insignificant things, and I do so to remember His faithfulness.
It’s the answered prayers, but also the fruits of His spirit. Peace in the storm, joy in mourning, mercy in the unjust et al. It’s in revelation, and intercession. It’s in letting go. It’s in being content in the wait. It’s in being expectant. It’s in being filled with hope. It’s in every breath I take, and every color I see, and every smile that brightens my day. It’s in hearing the birds chirp, and jammin’ to music. It’s in movement. It’s in the will to fight, and the motivation to keep going. It’s being in His will. It’s in conversations, and boy I could go on and on.

When Jesus said do this in remembrance of me |1 Cor. 11:23|, it wasn’t random. I think Jesus, having walked the earth, knew that the worries of life could easily cloud our perspective. He knew it could easily dampen our souls, and weigh us down. He knew it could break our spirits. His words were purposeful. Hey, in the deep throes of your life, remember me. Remember what I did for you. Remember the authority you have in me. Remember that power is in you. Remember the God that is for you. Remember my sacrifice for you. Remember me. In essence, draw near to me, commune with me, dwell in me, focus on me.

If you don’t already, pick up the habit of journaling. It is a way to encourage yourself in the Lord, |Psalm 42| when you are tired, unsure, lonely, frustrated, and at your wits end. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever |Heb. 13:8|.

Happy monyaaaaaaaaaay!



I went awwwf (off) when this song came on this AM on my way to work. I jammed to it all the way. Enjoy 🙂

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