~ Dwelling place ~ Sanctuary

I love how grounded that sounds.
I think dwelling place, and instantly I feel insulated.
It’s not a cheap thrill sorta feeling. It’s more defined.
It is for me a concrete image of love.
A love so profound, it stimulates a revelatory rush.

I am wrapped in a love not bounded by the perimeters of this world.
A love so firm, it pushes the walls of my mind to places far beyond my imagination.
A love so tender, it turns my heart to mush.
Mush molded by the hands of the master architect into something masterfully whole.
I am covered, yet seen.
Intertwined, yet not entangled.
Laced in love,
A love that makes what is seen beautiful.

I am raptured in love
A special bond coiled in passion and purpose
A burning fire that does not consume me
An illuminating presence that quails darkness
A love that fills
A love that’s easy like Sunday morning

In Exodus (25:8), God instructed the people through Moses to build a tabernacle so that He could dwell among them. That in itself is pretty glorious. But even more glorious is |1 John 4:13|, hereby know that we dwell in Him, and He in us for He hath given us His spirit. In other words, we are His tabernacle. Gone are the days of building structures (to house His presence and), as the only access point. He lives, and moves in us.

The Old Testament folk were heavy on rules and laws, almost mechanically, without much thought or insight. New Testament folk however, we are heavy on relationship. God said, you know what, none of this. Oblations are great, but there is much more. I want connection. I want intimacy. You can have all that’s in my hands, but the sweetest most perfect gift I can give you is my heart. See me as Father, Lord, the keeper of your heart, and the lover of your soul.

In perfect unity you were formed, but then the devil caused a rift.

Then came Jesus. the word made flesh. He came down to the earth, and gave His blood for your dirt. I am tempted to say that God got the shorter end of the stick, but that is in some ways self sabotaging. After all, we are made in His image.

He gave the ultimate sacrifice, to say to you…

Don’t see me as over there. See me as here. Right here in you. The power isn’t out there. It is in you. The answer isn’t out there. It is in you. The healing isn’t out there. It is in you. Is the grass is greener over there? Emphatically No! The greenest pasture is in you.

You are my dwelling place.

Gwash! I love how that sounds.



Image: @pinterest

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