Thinking about you…

Today, I pray that the God of hope fills you to overflowing with all joy, and perfect peace. I pray that in and out of seasons, you trust Him. I pray that you are empowered to press forward, confident in the promises of the one who formed you. I pray that in the depths of sorrow, you remember these words, lo I am with you always (on every occasion), even to the end of the age |Mat.28:20|. I pray that this truth anchors you, and that you boldly come into, and enjoy the comfort of His presence.

I pray that you are emboldened by the Holy Spirit to live righteously, and that you are not seduced by temporary gains, or swindled by popular culture. I pray that you learn to talk to yourself with compassion and grace, speaking over your life what God has spoken. I hope you know that you are not a mistake, and that your mistakes do not define you. Should you be swaddled in shame or guilt, I pray that like the woman desperate for healing in Luke 9:40, you deliberately (seek and) touch Him.

I pray that when He calls out to you, your response is here I am. That like Abraham, you will step out of your tent, and see that He is good. Emmanuel is faithful to meet you where you are, but too good to leave you there. He is ready to split the seas for you. But even if He doesn’t, floating is still a miracle, and He is still good.

Yahweh is for you. He is your refuge, strength, refreshing and hope.



I think this is such a sweet heartfelt worship song. I love, love , love! Enjoy 🙂

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