Word Play

A lone rose in hand is better than a hand full of stones.
In a world filled with stones, will you be the rose?

The sun, and the moon are both light, yet one is greater.
Hope rises with the sun, and with it new mercies.
In a world blanketed in darkness, will you be light,
the greater light?

From the beads of flavour bursting out of the seafloor,
to the rivers of living water flowing out of your belly,
God’s heart is to satisfy the needs and yearnings of His children.
Will you be salt in the earth?
Will you glorify the Father by infusing the flavour of His love in a bland world?

In a tactless world, slow to listen, and quick to get a word in,
will your words be honey?
Sweet to the ears that hear them,
and nourishing to the hurting souls in your path.

In a world fraught with pain, upside down from it’s fallen desires,
there is a need for all the beauty, radiance, flavour and sweetness housed in you.
Living water it’s called.
Will you let it flow?

Happy monyaaaaaaay, and happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!



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