Pray with me

Dear Father,

You saw me through a year that proved to be a fiery furnace. You showed up in the fire, and I can honestly say that I would not have made it without you. You Lord are undeniable. I do not have a thousand tongues, but even if I did it still would not be enough. What I do have Father, is a heart of gratitude. A heart reconciled to the truth of your sovereignty. A heart surrendered to your lordship. I do not know how you did it, but from all that was scorched, sprouted new life. Who am I but nothing without you? You truly are my everything, and this revelation is the seed that continues to bare the good fruit of peace in my life.

I want this for everyone Lord. The knowledge of who you are, but also the experience of your love, and power. Your intention has always been for us to be close to you; to enjoy you liberally. Unfortunately, we get in the way, seeking other paths to enlightenment, giving our best to idols crafted with our own hands. We find ways to make perverse what you intended for our good, binging on worldly offerings that lead to death. I think of Adam and Eve, and how even when you knew what they had done, you called out to them. Steaming with anger and disappointment over their actions, you still covered them; using your hands to make clothing for their nakedness. You are a merciful Father.

My prayer hinges on a heartfelt desire for reconciliation. That people in droves will lay down their earthly crowns, and old chains, and turn their hearts toward you. Pour out your spirit on all flesh Lord, and let your glory fill the earth. In this year 2021, may we be as audacious as the woman with the issue of blood, weaving our way through the crowd, and forcefully reaching out to you, the one who holds all power. The well that never runs dry. Like the friends of the paralytic man in Capernaum, may we be surrounded by people strong in faith, selfless enough to intercede on our behalf, and may we be the same for others. But above all, may we fight to sit at your feet Lord, escaping to a quiet place; a tent of meeting, to separate from the noise of the world, and spend time with you.

May the radiance of your glory on the faces of your children inspire others to seek you. May the hope of your children be contagious. May revival spread like wildfire, and healing flow like a river. May confidence cascade from the heart of the one conscious of your nearness. At the sound of your voice, chaos melts away, this I know. May you protect the place where your name dwells, and surround your righteous with rest.

In this year 2021, let all that I am praise you, and may I never forget the good things you have done. You are YAHWEH. I am deeply convinced that you are who you say you are, and your presence Father anchors me as you author my story this year. In Jesus name, amen.

Happy new year!!!!

Xo, Mel

Gen3:9, 21
Mat. 9:20-22
Luke 5:17-20
Psalm 103:2
Psalm 46:4-6

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