God does not withhold his best from us. He made this abundantly clear when he gave us his son, Jesus, whose name is derived from the Hebrew name Yeshua/Y’shua meaning “to save”, “to rescue”, “to deliver”. Adam and Eve’s rebellion was not ideal, but it unfolded God’s redemption plan. Though the world is currently not as he intended, He is not a God who sits on the sidelines. We could relegate Him to the side, or to a small corner in our personal lives, but his purposes will yet prevail, and we would then be the ones on the sidelines, and no where near the front row. It seems to me to be too much to lose for the sake of pride, and temporary gains.

This song by Maverick City Music, Chris Brown (of Elevation Worship) and Chandler Moore is to me a modern take on the Psalms, mostly written by King David. A man who was always so transparent and raw about his feelings, yet humble about his limitations, and in the same breath quick to highlight God’s sovereignty. This place of brazen surrender, and unveiled wonder is how I want my heart postured this year. I want divinely curated experiences with God that’ll leave me breathless. This year is about throwing caution to the wind, in devotion to the One whose very first expression of His unrivaled love was breathing his life into me. This is my new year’s resolution.

I haven’t quite worked out a full-fledged plan for my content this year, but as always, my goal is to reveal God’s heart for you, to you. All I can do is trust Him to guide me on this journey.

Here is Have My Heart, by the anointed trio mentioned above.

Happy monyaaaaay!

Xo, Mel

Photo:- @pinterest

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