Trading faces

I have heard it said that the Bible is the only book that reads you. It’s humbling to see myself in different Bible characters; swapping faces with people I may have judged if given the chance. Chapter by chapter shows real people, living life, stumbling along the way, making wrong turns, falling into ditches, hitting rock bottom and so forth. Even the ones called by God.

The similarities are jarring, and I will admit that it is quite scary just how much I can relate, especially to individuals I would likely have overlooked, or scoffed off in real time. Maybe that is why so many of us prefer to live a life of pretense, circling around the Bible, hurriedly walking past the mirror it holds up, habitually hiding so that others would not see what we already know about ourselves.

God’s truth feels like a tsunami. Its strong waves tear down every wall of pretense. It deflates our air of self-importance. It knocks the wind out of us and is a full serving of humble pie. But His truth also heals and its plate overflows with liberty and fulfillment. It offers us the space to acknowledge our shortcomings and releases us from the jaws of deceit. It refines us, striping impurities, unpacking the old way, and making room for the delectable new. It unveils the intended wonderful masterpiece formed by the mighty hands of Jehovah.

I have a better understanding of John’s words, but also avidly aware of the much more to be revealed, “He must become greater, and I must become less”. More godly, less fleshly, bearing good fruits, dominating by His spirit in all spheres, not for selfish goals, but for His glory. I wake up each morning mindful of God, yet not ignoring the ploys of the enemy, sanctimoniously thinking I have arrived.

Though defeated, the devil is the prince of this world, and is always looking to add to his fold. So, my daily posture is a merging of two verses, both found in the book of Psalm, search me thoroughly oh Lord, and know my heart…create in me a clean (pure) heart and renew a steadfast spirit in me, Psalm 139:23; 51:10.

In other words, Dear Lord, thank you for calling me your own, and for being a Father who hears me. I am desperate for you, but also acutely aware of the world I live in, and as a result, the ungodly desires that sometimes present themselves. I admit that I cannot do this on my own, and give myself fully to your Lordship, being led by your spirit in all things. When it seems impossible, remind me Lord that you have given me the power to obey your word, and overcome sin. In Jesus name, amen.

Happy monyaaay!

Xo, Mel.

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