Remember the ‘why’

I had a different plan for the blog today, but….

Okay. For the sake of transparency, I had nothing planned for today. However, I blame only myself for procrastinating, and waiting till the very last hour. I can’t even turn up my nose at writer’s block because I am the wall that caused the block. I know better, so ya.

Panicked! That is the best word to describe how I felt a few short hours ago. Up until a dear friend sent me this song. The same song she mentioned to me some days before, but well…I got distracted. So thank God for his promptings, and her for heeding.

God has been faithful to me with this blog, weekly providing me with inspiration. I got complacent though. Maybe even a tad prideful, thinking it would just pour out of me without dutiful surrender. Also, I think that for a second I forgot why I was doing this. Jesus. For His glory, not mine. The words in this song reminded me. The euphonious voices of worshippers swiftly blowing away every pressure to perform for you, and instead turning my full attention to the One who moves me.

I do not have it all figured out y’all, but I am glad for a Father who is quick to put a pin to inflated balloons as they crop up. In fact, it is moments like this that make it all the more clear that Jesus is my greatest need. The stream from which life flows. The well from which I draw my authenticity. The wind that rattles inspiration within me. The sweetest spot in my everyday reality. Seriously, how dare I forget.

God accepted and delighted in Abel’s offering because of the heart with which he gave it. He gave his offering not as an afterthought, or to satisfy a religious duty, but as a form of worship. I surmise that relationship moved Abel to give his best. That said, can I urge you to offer yourselves, from the crown of your heads to your tippy toes, as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to Him |Romans 12:1|? Let it be that Christ is rightfully positioned at the center of all that we do, down to even the most mundane of things.

Oh yes, almost forgot. Here is the song I have been raving about. Go ahead, free fall.

Happy Monyaaay!

Xo, Mel.

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