Maze Runner

If you knew the exact date of Jesus’ return, would you live differently?

I asked myself this same question, and my answer was yes. #Bigsigh

Tomorrow is not promised. Yet somehow, we find ways to live recklessly. I am not merely talking about debauchery, which is probably what came to your mind. But more so living without purpose. For many, myself included, purpose is high on the list of things considered. But at various points in my life, it seemed too abstract a word to connect to in a meaningful way. It was simply always a touch beyond my reach. That is until I had this revelation, and fortunately one that I was reminded of this past weekend.

Whatever you do, let it be in the name of Jesus. That is who you are accountable to. These words brought me to the foot of the cross.

Remember when Jesus said, “it is finished”? Good! It was in reference to His purpose. What was His purpose? To tear the veil of separation between God the Father, and His image bearers (you and I). Thus, creating a new covenant, a path of access to the Father for all who believe.

What does this tell me? Purpose is about service. It is a state of being that informs how you live. It makes your heart thump with joy and fulfillment, and your skin flush with the glow of accomplishment. It also keeps you rooted in Gethsemane…the hard places.


How much of what God has gifted you are you allowing flow right out of your hands to first, love on Him, and secondly love on your neighbor? Better put, what are you hoarding, either for selfish reasons or fear? Have you ever considered that you will be held accountable? Oops. I guess that was 2 questions. 😊

I keep thinking about the judgement seat of Christ in 2 Corinthians 5: 10, for we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body. It will be something like a performance review, except with eternal rewards. If you are a competitive person, this should water your palette. Jesus will ask what I did with my life. The life that He died for. He will ask what I did with my talents, gifts, money, opportunities, and time and of course, what I did for people in His name. This is not new knowledge to me, but I am disturbed by it because I know that I have been flaky, and as a follower of Christ, integrity matters. So, consider me renewed.

I believe that my purpose is to love the Lord my God with all my heart, all my soul, and all my strength, |Deu. 6:5| because in doing so, I can love myself and others authentically. In a way that is open palmed without fear of running out or drying up. I can give with the understanding that I can never outgive God. To quote Pastor Lee Domingue, I can flow like a river instead of being a reservoir.

I know this has been said since the turn of the millennium, “Jesus is coming soon”. It’s been said so much, we’ve at one point or another scoffed it off as just one of those things said to scare us into acting right. Well, imma go right ahead and join the town criers, Jesus is coming soon. Before the judgement seat of Christ, is the Great White Throne Judgement. There, you and I will be asked something along the lines of what did you do with my son Jesus? So basically, did you accept Him as your Lord, and Savior. I gotta say with everything within me, I want your answer to be a resounding yes!

I’ll tell you one thing. Life need not be a maze. There is a sure way. Yup you guessed right, Jesus.

So, here goes my final question for you today.

Who are you living for?

Happy Monyaaaaay!
Xo, Mel.

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