The Good Shepherd

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I will not lack.” I read this and think, is there anything more enough than the presence of the Lord? Of course, my automatic answer is no, but I cannot ignore the verities of pride. The kind that reeks of self-importance and idolizes its abilities. The god complex.

Being in the Lord’s presence is sacrificial. It demands a separation from self, and our beloved worldly trappings. Those ornamental things that serve as false coverings. I have gathered through conversations that being ‘sheep’ is repulsive to some. It is too lowly. Esteemed is the lion’s roar. Preferred is the title: king of the jungle.

Still, the prideful heart yearns for what only humility can attain, Eden. It is so because as beings formed in His presence, our identity is in Him, and our sustenance from Him. All else falls short. In fact, as far as the East is from the West roughly estimates the measurable distance between God and ‘all else’.

Apple is to Steve Jobs, as Microsoft is to Bill Gates, as Spanx is to Sara Blakely, and Yeezys to Kanye. The creation is always associated with, and subject to its creator. So are we to God, until we rebel. But isn’t it just like us humans to continue building ladders to heaven to see who is more god than God?

From Eve, to Pharaoh, to the tower of Babel, to 21st century technology, God remains I Am. He is still on His throne, the earth His footstool. There is no one like God, and there is no god but God. He is the Shepherd that leads His sheep to green pastures, and prunes to make room for growth. He is the Shepherd that sits in the boat with you as the storm rages and covers you with his cloak. He is the Shepherd that tears the mouths of lions and bears to protect his flock. He is the Shepherd that throws a lavish celebration when one returns to the fold.

I pray that He makes whole the broken areas in your life, and that healing comes to your mind and body. I pray that His love silences every hateful word and opens your eyes to see and accept His truth about you. I pray that He replenishes your strength, gives you a youthful glow, and fills every gaping hole. I pray that He surrounds you with His rest. Above all, I pray that you will enter into His presence with thanksgiving. Therein lies the still waters of sufficiency.

I pray we learn the error of our ways and listen for the Shepherd’s voice. The world will only get nuttier, and our need for Him greater.

Happy Monyaay!

Xo, Mel.

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