A grown lady’s Lullaby

I have never been one to struggle with sleep. In fact, it’s always been a swift journey through the 5 stages with me almost entirely wedged in the sweet spot of deep sleep and REM.

But it’s been a game of hide and seek lately, and I find myself starring into the dark counting backwards from 100 to 1. Now, there are folks that swear by the count system, but not once has it worked for me. After attempting multiple hacks, I have found that the least disruptive, and most helpful option for me is to plug in my earphones and flood my senses with worship.

Also, I came across a gem on Spotify recently, and it has been very helpful. You may have heard of it before. It’s called Abide Bible & Sleep Meditation. I imagine that there are many Sleep Meditation apps out there. However, as one who is particular about what I ingest, I gravitate toward scripturally pillared content. So far, the voices have been soothing. I also enjoy the pitta-patta sound of rainfall in the background, as well as the heavy dose of God’s word.

Last night I listened to Tyler talk about ‘His Glory’. It must have been lights out fairly quickly because I woke up this morning trying to piece things together.

Anyways I thought I would share in case someone out there is searching for options.

Happy Monyaaaaaay!

Xo, Mel.

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