I have been staring at my screen for a while, waiting. I have scrolled through my notepad in search of inspiration, nothing. I am now looking out my window. The sun is out to play, and I love how the blue of the sky compliments the greens and yellows of manifold trees. I see a multitude of hues and colors, yet somehow they do not clash. In perfect harmony they display the unparalleled artistry of God. A divinely orchestrated mood board that cannot be replicated. Granted the roadside construction is an eye sore, but it does nothing to dim the vast beauty that surrounds it. Honestly, guys I am just rambling here. I still have no clue what to write about, but why not go with the flow.

Typically, this would take me on a tailspin. But perhaps this is God nudging me to bask in Him, and instead of fixating on my works ponder on His; like how He stretched the skies to cover the earth. I mean that thought alone is humbling, and maybe that is exactly where I need to be. Right here in 1 humbleville Ln. I have been sweating the small stuff lately, and I cannot help but see this as a redirection. God’s way of refocusing my attention to Him.

The freckles of the sky hide in the day, but twinkle at night. That we don’t see them in the daytime does not mean they are not there. They patiently await their turn to shine, and like clockwork as the sun fades into the horizon, the glory of what was once hidden is revealed for all to see. An expanse of sheer beauty. A shimmery sky. Nature giving a glowing review of God’s perfect timing.

We cannot fathom the magnitude of God’s portfolio. But I get a glimpse, in my little corner of the world, through my roughly estimated 50″ x 70″ window. I look at the big sky, dressed in shades of blue, accessorized with white fluffy clouds and I hear God saying, I am sovereign, above all and in control.

As a lamp that feels hidden, and a seed that feels buried I really REALLY needed to hear that.

Thank you Lord.

Happy Monyaaaaaaay!

Xo, Mel.

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