Pray with me

Dear Father,

Thank you for your love that makes me whole. Your peace that anchors my soul. Your rest that surrounds me. Your mercy that follows me. Your favor that overwhelms me. Your goodness that is evident in my life.

Thank you for the Holy Spirit, who is my friend, comforter, strategist and so much more. I am conscious of Him and rely on Him for everything. He is your power at work in me. Your excellence that guides the works of my hand. The inspiration that fuels my creativity. My focus and the motivating force that propels me to the finish line. The marker that lines my path with purpose. The fire that makes me burn for more of you. He imbues me with boldness and leads me into all truth.

Lord, more than anything, I want my life to honor you. Please show me how. Pinpoint the areas of my life that are displeasing to you and give me the strength to lay down my crowns and walk away from whatever aims to create a distance between you and me. I receive the wisdom to live in the knowledge of and accept the fullness of your love. To walk with you daily. To function from a place of surrender, and humility and to reveal the character of Christ in all my affairs. Give me ears that hear, eyes that see and feet quick to obey you. Give me the desires of my heart.

I declare that I am rooted in righteousness and established on your word. I am equipped for the challenges that lay ahead and marvelously helped through the course of the week. I expect the unexpected and declare opportunities for restoration and increase. I joyfully celebrate your goodness in the lives of those around me and cheer on your revealed excellence at work.

I need you Lord. The world needs you. Pour out your spirit on all flesh, let shouts of praise break out in homes, hospitals, communities, churches, offices, marketplaces, and nations. Let your glory fill the earth. In Jesus name. Amen.

Happy Monyaaay!
Xo, Mel.

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