Passion Cry

Lord I come to you today simply for more of you.
The wants are many, but my sole need is you.
Like the deer pants for water, I long for you.
Like the cheetah sprints in pursuit of its nourishment, so do I in search of you.
Teach me your ways Lord.
Shepherd my heart.
Fill my mouth with your words,
a healing balm to all that hear it.

The world says it does not need you.
It demands that you are relegated to the farthest corners, and
screams bloody murder when we boldly call on your name.
They say there is no God, yet their gods remain deaf and dumb,
silent to their cries.

Wildflowers sprout in wastelands,
and the desolate places robed in thistles dissuade comfort.
Precarious terrains. Perilous times.
A shame since comfort is a gift you so freely give.

Why does the world continue to choose the poison that erodes it?
Why does it cling so tightly to death?
Must be the leeching lies,
the false promise of majesty that feeds the beast of pride.
Oh Father, when will the world see that surrendered to you is a victory stance?

The earth is groaning Lord.
Like a mother in labor, it wails.
For the sake of your righteous have mercy.
Because of your unfailing love extend your mighty hand.
Let there be a revival that scorches wickedness.
Let there be a harvest of softened hearts.
Let there be a grandiose sweep of restoration.

Save us Lord.
You, the only Living and everlasting God are our one true hope.


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