I enjoy the surprise of a filling. For me, it is the little bit of extra that could quickly elevate something from basic/ordinary to ‘ooh la la’. It could be a stuffed trout/chicken or a sweet puff pastry. Give me a sweet potato pudding filled lettuce wrap and you’ve got my attention. It may be met with confusion initially, but trust me, the experience will not be easily forgotten. Come to think of it, have you ever had a burger with a cheese stuffed patty? It’s not one I would recommend eating every week for obvious reasons, but for the cheese lovers out there, I promise it hits different. But I digress.

If there is any iota of je ne sais quoi about me, it is 1000% the Holy Spirit. It is His infilling that sets me apart. He is what is good and beautiful about me. The extra to my ordinary. He is why I care about how people experience me, how I influence and impact, and what is taken away from time spent with me. Do I have it in me to make another person feel good, even when I don’t? Can I be happy for another person when I am not in a happy space? Can I compliment another’s beauty when I maybe don’t feel so beautiful? Can I be genuinely joyful for another receiving what I have spent time in my war room praying for? My natural self, the flesh of me says 100% no. But the Holy Spirit in me says 100% yes.

I read somewhere that our own way of being has an “emotional signature”. We attract and repel based on our atmosphere i.e., emotional intelligence/mood. There are some folks you look forward to being around and others you avoid entirely. Some folks you would seek advice from and others you wouldn’t dare consider. Some folks you would run to in times of need and others you would think…nah mehn, I would rather starve.

The cool thing about being kind, helpful or giving, even with just a smile, is that it is mutually beneficial. An article I read from Psychology Today talked about something called the “happiness trifecta”, which basically states that helping others triggers a release of oxycotin, which has the effect of boosting your mood and counteracts the effects of cortisol (the dreaded stress hormone). It goes on to say that the higher your levels of oxycotin, the more you want to help others. When oxycotin is boosted, so are serotonin and dopamine. I gotta say, magic is too simplistic a word to explain the wonder God has filled you with. Your innerworkings are all so intricate and brilliant. Yes, science gives us a glimpse into it, but the full picture remains in the palm of our creator. What a dynamic work of art you are! Truly beautiful when you think on it.

I am not in pursuit of perfection. I gave that up some years ago. But there is a level of mindfulness I aspire to live my life with. To be fully aware of my God, the people He places in my path, and of me. To be fully present with my God, the people He places in my path, and with me. To freely give of that which fills me and not be concerned about being empty. To be so in tune with the Holy Spirit that even when my emotions are awry, and my feelings are wonky I still have enough in me to light up the path of another. To be comfortable experiencing my feelings, and still be kind. To regulate my “emotional blips” so as not to infect the room. To seek opportunities to bless another because despite my state, my desire remains the same; to please God. No way would I consider the possibility of this without His spirit. I would fail in all the languages of the world!

So ya, my stuffing…happiness trifecta if you will, is the Holy trinity. God the Father, God the son: Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It’s too much goodness to keep to myself so I thought to share :).

Praying for a productive, laughter-filled, peaceful, good news stuffed week for you and yours!

Happy Monyaaaaaay!
Xo, Mel.

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