I have heard Mondays loosely referred to as the ‘butthole’ (pardon the crass language) of the week. The dreadful distant cousin to Friday everyone can’t stand. The one intentionally left off the invitation list for family gatherings. It seems 99% of the population could care less for Mondays. In fact, a guy by the name of Tom Wilson refers to Mondays as the potholes in the road of life. Ouch!

Can I make a case for Monday?

If Monday was dropped off the calendar, Tuesday would get the flak. And if Tuesday drops off, Wednesday becomes the enemy. On and on until we get to Friday which being the spoilt favorite of the world would buckle under the weight of hate Monday gets.

Why not be mavericks and choose to include Mondays on the days we make count? Julio’s perspective (someone off the internet) is one I could work with, “So. Monday. We meet again. We will never be friends—but maybe we can move past our mutual enmity toward a more-positive partnership.” Julio is somewhere in the middle on the optimism spectrum. He ain’t really messing with Monday like that but he ain’t about to let Monday mess with his hustle either. That accounts for something and as a bonus is likely to reduce (Monday induced) mood swings and improve productivity.

Now Kimberly on the other hand (another person off the internet) speaks my language, “Okay, it’s Monday but who said Mondays have to suck? Be a rebel and have a great day anyway.” Well, yes girl! Let’s turn Mondaze to MonYAYs!

Maybe consider dusting the cobwebs off these ideas you’ve probably heard before and weave one or more into the fabric of your Mondays…? Give yourself 5 minutes of self-care (every hour on the hour) if needed to refresh and reset. Wear an extra special piece of jewelry, or colorful clothing to spark ‘happy’. I knew a lady that wore red lipstick for this reason. Who says red lips only work for a Friday or Saturday night? Play Bossa Nova or Christian instrumentals in the background to slowly work your way into the grind of the day. This is my staple! Highly recommend! Spray your expensive perfume/cologne because why not? You are justified in smelling gooood for yourself! Sneak in a little piece of dessert during lunch. Everyone deserves this on a Monday! Take a mid-day walk. Fresh air is always a good idea! Watch a five-minute comedy clip to laugh off the stress of the day. Laughter is free! Write your to-do list in color (so you could live in color…hahaha). Somehow neither black nor blue makes the cut for Mondays (not for me anyways). Highlighters work too! And finally, consider praying for an attitude change about Mondays. Hello #MightyMondays!

But seriously, like all the other days, Monday is a day the Lord has made, we ought to rejoice and be glad in it. |Psalm 118:24|

Beautiful and GOOD things happen on Mondays too!!! 🙂

Happy MonYaaaaaay!

Xo, Mel.

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