The fool says in his heart, “there is no God” |Psalm 14:1|. Interesting, since most folk that champion this belief refer to themselves as intelligent individuals. They have from written text, conversations and life experiences surmised that there is no God. Apparently, we just came to be, and no one set order to the earth. Somehow the cosmos emerged from thin air. Till this day, they continue to explore the crevices of the earth and ‘brilliant’ minds for clues of where the thin air or pardon me, big bang came from. To the fool, this is more logical than creation having a creator.

Nah mate. No created thing can take the glory.

To me, all this shows is evidence of an adversary. The author of strife and confusion. The same one that slithered his way into Eve’s mind and wedged a line of separation between the Creator and His creation. This snake offered a promise that was not his to give. One he could not in a billion years fulfill. But he wasn’t concerned about the fulfillment of what he knew was a bold-faced lie, his primary goal was to taint creations perspective of God. To plant a question mark and cast a shadow of doubt. To make a Holy God seem less holy, because only then can man be deceived into believing that he could himself be God. If he (the devil) could make an idol out of man’s desire to be God, then that endless pursuit is enough to keep him (mankind) distracted until the end of time. It is this deception that has kept humanity in bondage for years.

Once upon a time, we had it all. Only knowing what was good. Other than plummeting into depravity, what has it benefited us to know evil? |Genesis, 3:4| Our world is filled with image bearers searching for nirvana in crooked, warped, and dead places. Humans forfeiting Eden in a quest for innovative ways to rebuild the tower of babel, incessantly consuming the fruits of the forbidden tree, which only intensifies the hunger, rather than the bread of life.

I know we have heard it said time and time again. It’s been drummed in our ears repeatedly. It is maybe even a broken record you would rather toss out. We hear 2000 years ago and tune out. We roll our eyes because we think surely, it’s been more than 2000 years by now. We subscribe to the #yolo mentality and live belly full of every earthly desire. But regardless of your beliefs, there is an afterlife. Rapture will happen, and the world will be even more chaotic than it currently is for a period. The heavens will open for the one who created it and His children, the ones who dared to believe in the face of mockery and persecution will live eternally with Him. Creation reconciled to its Creator, back to what is perfectly good.

#Yolo is false y’all. God is as real as your reflection in the mirror. He is as real is your very breath. You lose nothing when you believe. Sure, the naysayers in your life may fall away. Better that, than Jesus denying you before God the Father. The way I see it, I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live as if there isn’t and to die to find out that there is. Though simplistic and devoid of language that conveys the intimate relationship I know God desires while we are here on earth. It does well to express how incredibly foolish one would feel even having lived life a fool, to take that final breath and oh crap…

Forever is a mighty long time to be damned. Your life is too precious to be thrown on a betting table. Take a chance on God.

Happy Monyaaaaaay!

Xo, Mel.

Image: @pinterest

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