It’s the racing thoughts and the intense anger.
It’s the deep sighs and the inaudible groans.
It’s the numbness from disbelief.
It’s the pain. You forget for a second, but then you remember, and it knocks the wind out of you.
Life is a long lesson in trusting God. I read that in my quiet time today.
None of what has happened in the last 24hrs makes sense, but our hope remains in God.
We will let the tears fall.
We will allow the waves of emotions.
We will feel all the feelings that come with grief.
We will laugh in remembrance.
And in the mess of this loss, we will steadfastly trust in our God and hold firm to His promise of comfort.
He is the strength of our hearts |Psalm 74: 26|. Always has been. Always will be.
Right now, however, I need a second to catch my breath.

Happy Monyaay
Xo, Mel.

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