On God.

God gives Moses an assignment, and he protests. He says something to the tune of, alright. Okay. Wow. That’s unexpected. I am not entirely sure why you chose the backend of the wilderness to find your errand boy, or why you would even consider me. It’s been years and all, but you must know that I am a runaway murderer. I didn’t exactly leave Egypt on good terms. If you care for my opinion, this is a rather big ask. Like gigantic. But okay great! You’ll be with me. Awesome! What are the chances Pharaoh will even take me seriously? Oh, another thing, I know for a fact they will ask for the name of who sent me. What should I tell them? Exodus 3:13

God replies, tell them I AM has sent me to you…
this is my eternal name. My name to be remembered for all generations.

In the past almost two years now, more in the last few months, even more in the last few days, and I am sure much more in the days to come, the revelation of I AM has been, and will continue to be my only comfort. I have heard it said, and I have also been a culprit of said words, time heals all wounds. It sounds good, almost reassuring, until in a head on collision with life— deep in the throes of loss, pain, rejection, heartbreak, and the likes. When things get real, and your brain can barely compute everything that’s happening. Time isn’t exactly loyal. It doesn’t stop when you need to catch your breath. Or even wait a second shy of its next tick for you to gather your bearings long enough to process what’s going on around, or to you. We can’t even hold on to time. Why then should we put our faith in time to heal wounds it doesn’t so much as pause to acknowledge?

It isn’t time that heals all wounds, it is God, the author and keeper of time. In this earth we cry out to Him to save us, Isaiah 58:9. We wait on Him for renewed strength, Isaiah 40:31. We trust in Him for comfort, Psalm 34:18, 2 Corinthians 3. And not too far now, He will wipe every tear from our eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All those things will be gone forever. Rev. 21:4. Time could never.

In some ways Pharaoh was to Moses, what Goliath was to David. Facing (dealing with, confronting) Pharoah, a prominent and feared monarch was no easy fit. Much like the many challenges and emotional blows we face in our lives. Like God Said to Moses and countless others in the Bible, He is saying to myself, and to you, “I will be with you.”

I AM. “I am there, wherever it may be— I am really there.” Brevard Childs

Happy Monyaaaaay!
Xo, Mel.

Photo: @Pinterest (DeviantArt- Kiersten Olsen)

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