Spy Game

I spy with both eyes the year 2022. Last year was a trip, wasn’t it? No different from the year before. In fact, it has felt like a decade in 2 years. A wild ride to say the least. There were losses. Great losses. Unbearable in fact. When saddled with pain, it is difficult to see beyond it. Our emotions incite reckless questions like, how do we go on living? Followed by guilt, with its interrogative strut; why them and not me? Then realizing how fleeting life is, in comes the weighty question; why am I even here?

What would you say if I said this year could be one flowing with milk and honey? Would you cheer, eager to hear more, or sneer, and laugh with contempt? Your response is the fruit of your root. So, let’s examine our roots.

Life experiences shape our perspective. We form patterns and habits based on what we see, or what has been done to us. If we are constantly disappointed by prominent figures in our lives, we are prone to paint everyone with the same brush. We then go on to model the same behavior we detest or use those experiences to form our internal script. We choose the path of least resistance and decide it is best to have no expectations, or worse that we are not deserving.

Promises. We make them every day. Little and big ones. Through the years, we’ve learned that promises are only as certain as the person making them. A dishonest person will not fulfill a promise. Their words hold no value, thus not useful for trade.

Here is the thing. God is not man. He does not lie. His promises are yes and amen. 100% guaranteed. The problem is humans. We are a funny bunch. Fickle. Free-willed and full of it. The Israelites are a prime example, but if we are being honest, we should look no further than ourselves.

An 11-day journey became 40 years. Why? Rebellion. A chosen people who chose on numerous occasions to put themselves above God. They shelved his way for theirs, even after countless miracles. Yet, every time they repented God forgave. The wilderness was a ‘them’ problem, but God in His mercies, and because he is faithful to his word, sustained them. Forty years trekking rough terrains and you would not have known by looking at them. Their clothes and sandals remained in pristine condition, and they were well fed.

While Israel camped at what should have been the last stop to their inheritance, 12 men were sent to scout the land. They explored for 40 days and returned with news – “The land is indeed a bountiful country. A land flowing with milk and honey (as God promised). But the people living there are powerful (doubt).” Then there were the 2, cut from the same cloth as James Bond who took a stand – “Let’s go at once to take the land, we can certainly conquer it.” See the difference?

When we read God’s promises, is there a full stop or a comma? Do we sink our teeth into it and declare it as ours, or think that’s not for me? Do we go back to Him with his word as he encourages us to, or fixate on the hulk-sized obstacles and let our courage melt away? Do we acknowledge his power, or that of the adversary? Do we sneer or cheer? The audacity of the 2 had nothing to do with them, and everything to do with God. They heard God’s promise, trusted the mouth that uttered the promise and owned it. They were bold because their roots were deep and well nourished.

The Bible is God-breathed, and brims with His promises. His word is living and active, quick, and powerful, sharper than any double-edged sword. Included in his word are his promises. They hold value. I want us to see the year 2022 through the lens of Joshua and Caleb, the ones who said, “let’s go at once to take the land, we can certainly conquer it.” But to possess, we must first believe. Not in ourselves, but in God. Let me phrase that differently. Let us confidently trust in the One who never fails. His word is as certain as he is.

The world changes every day, each change mutating into another variation by the second. But God is unchanging. In this new year, let us prioritize staying rooted, in Him and not the world. The soil and water will do its bidding, which is to nourish. Ours is to abide so that our roots can reach deep into the well that never runs dry. Then we can be sure that come heat or drought, our leaves will stay green, and we will never stop producing fruit (Jeremiah 17:8).

As we walk through the days ahead, hold on to this promise. The trees of the Lord are well cared for— the cedars of Lebanon he planted (Psalm 104:16). Say to yourself, whatever may come, I am well cared for. Whatever is ahead, I have conquered. No matter the season, I produce good and lasting fruits. My best days are ahead of me.

Spoiler alert! The doubting 10 never entered the land of milk and honey. But Joshua and Caleb did…🥳

Welcome to the year of the Lord, and your best yet.

Happy new year & Happy monyaaay❣️
Xo, Mel.


  1. Amen and amen!!! This year may we nourish and deepen those roots so we can trust in God’s promises with boldness!


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