What’s Your Issue?

My journal entry on February 5th was inspired by a nameless woman who with one bold move immediately changed the trajectory of her life.

You have likely heard her story before. But maybe it did not resonate with you, either because of identified gender or prescribed issue. However, if we consider the issues in our lives that have caused a hemorrhage in our emotions, finances, friendships, careers and maybe even our faith, you’ll see that this nameless figure mirrors us.

Titled My Father’s Feet, here is a glimpse into the pages of my journal.

I must always remind myself that I am not my own. I did not give myself breath, and I am by myself utterly powerless. My life is devoid of beauty without Jesus, my soul wretched, lost and alone. Who am I if not mere dust without God’s touch? What am I if not empty without His presence? Where would I be if not lost without His leading? Who would I be if not the walking dead without His life?

The woman with the issue of blood did what I should do daily. She touched Jesus. With audacious faith she weaved her way through the crowds, not letting the rowdiness, or what people might say deter her. She wasn’t even looking to be seen by Jesus, or to bring attention to herself. She just wanted to be near enough to make contact. Her faith pushed her beyond the boundaries of what was comfortable, and culturally accepted. She disobeyed the law to access grace. Yet was reverential in how she approached Jesus. She did not reach for His hand or face, but instead the hem of His clothing. The closest thing to His feet. She did not come with an air of entitlement, maybe because she understood that worship was the first point of entry. She acknowledged Jesus’ authority. She honored His deity.

Many brushed up against Jesus that day, but she touched Him. Immediately it says, she was healed. Twelve years of slavery, and one act of faith broke the chains. But that wasn’t all. Jesus said, who touched me? A question that forced her to come out of the shadows. Out of obscurity, no longer only fit for just the night and empty spaces. Now seen, and given a voice, she testified, oh come and see what the Lord has done! An unknown, once nameless now called daughter by the King of kings. In one fell swoop, her faith (in Jesus) both freed and gave her a new identity. An outcast, deprived of contact (lest declared also unclean) and corporate worship for 4380 days now belonged. Healed, whole, free, and sent off in shalom— absolute wellbeing. That’s just like Jesus.

• God over culture. God above all.
• What turns his attention to me? FAITH!
(My Faith is a currency in God’s kingdom. Its value never diminishes and its return on investment (ROI) substantial)
• Be consistently in HOT pursuit of God.
• Wash His feet DAILY in worship and prayer.
• What is impossible to man is POSSIBLE with God.
• Living surrendered to God is where the power is.

Will you have faith that God is able to heal/handle your issue? Will you have faith that He is able to do immeasurable more than you could ever ask? Will you silence the distractions, weave through the mounting to-do lists and the rowdiness of your day to sit at His feet? Will you touch His heart with your audacious faith? I am learning that my faith knocks louder than my lamentations. Even if through tears and labored breaths.

Study Guide: – Luke 8:43-48.

Happy Monyaaaaaaaay!
Have a blessed week!
Xo, 𝑀𝑒𝓁.

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